Monday, November 30, 2009

Feeling Sick

Not feeling good-at all! I have my tea sevice and toast ready and then sleeping on sofa. It's a long story.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Candy Shop

This is Jack Mackenroth.

You all remember the cute and adorable Jack from Project Runway don't you? I thought it was ashame he had to leave the season early on, but he is doing very good for himself. This is also Jack.

It looks like Jack as come into his own! Very nice indeed! Most of the beautiful photos are the work of Frank Louis Photography. Check out his site at

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Traveling Mistress

Well y'all, the Mistress is off again to head home to visit the mother of the Mistress and other family members for the Thanksgiving holiday and in tow are the Boy-Toy and Buster Bolfig! We will be going to the aunt and uncles house to par take of a HUGE feast. My aunt is one of the BEST cooks around, maybe even better than Martha Stewart! She makes everything from scratch and takes pride in doing so! When we arrive she will have wine and all kinds of little nibbles for the pre-dinner. Usually two to three bottles of wine will be put away before dinner. Then there is the dinner. Where I will no doubt eat WAY TOO MUCH! But that is where the Boy-Toy comes in handy! Too much info? Anyway I will probably also get to see my good friend and sister Mame, AKA David Dust while we are both home, and I'll also make a pilgrimage to my favorite candle supply house to get my order for the holiday season. Other than that I am totally vegging out and relaxing an maybe make my day at the spa appointment for some total pampering! I'm off the next six days, so I probably won't be posting till next week, but be sure to check out my black friday post! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Funnies

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Day in New York....with Harry

You may recall last week I was away with all kinds of work related things. But fun things. Since the Christmas trim is all complete, it is pretty much smooth sailing through the season now. So we usually go through New York for a couple days to see the others stores and their windows. This year the Mistress's company had a special treat of having Harry Connick Jr on hand to sing some carols after the windows were revealed. And I'm here to tell you that he was handsome as ever. When he completed his set and went through the crowd, the Mistress grabbed his ass and he gave me a wink back! OH ALL RIGHT! Can't I daydream? Anywho, he did a wonderful set putting me in the mood early, for Christmas that is. I'm not big on Christmas ditties to much before Thanksgiving myself. Our windows this year reflected traditional Christmas and famous duos who are lined up to sit on Santa's lap. Some of them were Mark Anthony and Cleopatra, Batman and Robin, and even the first couple!

They were quite cute this year. After that We went to other stores to view their windows. I post them in separate posts. There are too many to put in here, but I do want to share them. Later in the week we had a stunning fashion show in our At Your Service Salon.

We even got a beautiful goodie bag. A Burberry overnight bag filled with two James Perse shirts, colognes, candy, corporate visual binder and pens, bottled water, Chanel cremes and a compass. Not sure what the compass as to do with anything except it may come in handy when I'm loss next time in the woods with some Chanel cremes! Up next in the week was a spring fashion seminar to view the spring forth coming trends. So it was a busy week but a fun one. I post the other windows next week some time. Tootles!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Lady Gaga-A Bad Romance?

I have to stay, I have been very quite on the subject of Lady Gaga. I'm still not sure what I think of her. While I do like her song Just Dance, since then I found everything to be so-so, until Bad Romance. I LOVE this song! It sounds so different and has a some what fresh and haunting feel. And the video is incredible. Now I have no idea if she is sane or insane, and I really don't care which she is, by I will say she has brought back the art, dramatic and theatrics to music and the boring old AMA'S. Did you catch her set Sunday night? When she was done, I was blown away ,and my jaw was left dropped. That hasn't happened since Madonna did Vogue years ago on the AMA'S. Lady Gaga definitely has a style for the bizarre and couture art, and for that I can respect her. Here is the new video for Bad Romance. Check out her look in the video where she is sans make-up and looks more normal. She is gorgeous! I don't think I would have ever know it was her. What do you think of this song and video? I think it is far from a bad romance.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Flaming Good Time

What a simply beautiful weekend! It was relaxing, we had a touch of culture, the weather was just perfect and I finally got to meet the great southern charmer, the fabulous Auntie Flame!

Isn't she just adorable! I wanted to pinch those cheeks all day. Auntie Flame authors the blog Babble On, and that is how we met. Anyhow she was in town this weekend with her good friend Tina for a teachers convention, and Auntie had some time to kill. So, we finally met and I have to say, it was like I have known her much longer,like a great friend. And is she a spit-fire! In addition to Auntie, my good friend and sister Mame, AKA David Dust was also in town to see our Auntie. And the poor thing was under the weather with a really sore throat and cold. I hope you're feeling a little better now girl! I'm still not sure if he came to see Auntie or get the sandtarts I made!!! Anywho, our day started out with a grand car tour to show Auntie Flame the different parts of the city and the historic district and then it was on to the Franklin Institute for some scientific mind food.

Upon entering the place we saw Big Ben first!

Then it was onto the Giant Heart that you can walk through. You follow the same path that blood flows in your heart. It's pretty neat...although it does get a little claustrophobic in there!

We saw many other exhibits, like the planetarium where Joy and I learned many things, and the Boy-Toy and Mame took a quick snooze. (Why, I never!) Then we saw the huge Foucault pendulum that knocks over little brass pegs as the earth rotates or something like that! This is the view from three stories above.

Joy caught the Mistress off guard when she said she was just fascinated by this! Then she explained how she liked big huge things swinging in front of her!!! Ah, a size queen! I then knew we were going to get along fabulously! After leaving the Institute we took this photo op of the three of us and then headed to lunch at Potbellies for some sandwiches with homemade bread.

We were to go then to the Edgar Allen Poe house but time was getting behind us, so we went to Joy's pilgrimage destination where she found much peace- The Naked Chocolate Cafe.

OH.Pure. Heaven. My favorite part of the day. We all enjoyed it, but Joy and myself were the only ones to par take of very rich, decadent beverages.

Mine. A very European style drinking chocolate. Pure heaven. But Joy's put mine to same.

Auntie Flame's cock-a-tail! See what I mean about size? I betting she was up all night.

And no trip to the cafe would be complete without a take home box of goodies!

After making a pig of ourselves at the cafe we then took Auntie Flame and Tina to their hotel. We were thinking of taking them to the gay clubs for some debauchery, we decided we felt sick after all the chocolate. So we bid a farewell, hugs and kisses and then I dropped off Mame at the train station. I miss Auntie already. It was such a pleasure meeting you Auntie Flame!

Lip Sync for Your Life

And don't fuck it up! It looks like the season 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race is complete,and the wig pulling, nail clawing, and griddle snapping can begin, and will launch in February. As for the show itself, it will remain largely the same except for one slight change, it will have a fresh look, and RuPaul says the dragtestants are way more tenacious than before. The queens know now whats at stake,and aren't as diplomatic as the girls from season one! Yea, more cattiness! There are also 12 divas this time round instead of ten. So it looks like the show will still have it's verve and panache. The judges will be the same and the hot Mike Ruiz will also be returning for a show as will new guest judges Kathy Griffin, Cloris Leachman and the ever fabulous Debbie Reynolds. And now lets see the dragtestants!

Jessica Wild from San Juan.

Jujubee from Boston,Mass.

Morgan McMichaels from Mira Luma,CA.

Mystique Summers Madison from Bedford,TX.

Nicole Paige Brooks from Atlanta,GA.

Pandora Boxx from Rochester,NY.

Tyra Sanchez from Orlanda,FL.

Raven from Riversdie,CA.

Sahara Davenport from New York,NY.

Shangela from Studio City,CA.

Sonique from Atalta, GA.

Tatianna from Falls Church,VA.

Now it's way to early for the Mistress to take a guess on the winner, but I have seen Sahara perform and she is flawless and a great entertainer. Morgan and Pandora could also be knock outs. She is part of the longest running drag reveue, Dreamgirls from CA. So, who do you like just by a first glance? You can vist Rupual's logo site from the link above for even more dirt and juicy videos of the dragtestants. Tootles!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Day With the Auntie Flame

The Mistress will be out again today as she is playing hostess to the fabulous Auntie Flame who is the author of the blog Babble On. We have been reading each others blogs for some time now and she is now in Philadelphia and we thought we would meet up. In addition, my good friend and sister, Mame, will also be joining us for the day from New York City, and she will be bringing with her the swine flu she is currently fighting!!! JK! I think she just needs to drink more! Anywho, I am looking forward to the day. I call it a day with the girls. It's a day I do with good friends usually and you kinda just enjoy the day relaxing, eating, shopping, going to art galleries or museums. And after such a very busy week working and traveling, I may be looking more like this at the table for our afternoon lunch!

So, I have got to go for now, but will be back soon. How have you been? Now I need to get caught up blog reading. Tootles!

A Dark Alley

The Mistress has always had a weakness with men in jeans and white tank tops or tee shirts on. If I was walking down a alley and saw them, I'd run to them to get mugged!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Hittin' the Road

The Mistress will be hitting the road this week with all kinds of work events. Between going to other stores, a fashion seminar and show, and the unveiling of our Christmas windows, where I'm hoping to catch a glimpse of the handsome Harry Connick Jr, (who will be singing some carols for the unveiling) it's going to be nuts!. We will most likely be in New York for the day Tuesday, so while we are there, we will visit other retailers to view displays, windows and merchandising. By weeks end, we will be back in our stores finishing the little details to our trim. So, I'll be back at the week's end or next week some time. I have also got to squeeze in there a batch of sand tarts for the fabulous Auntie Flame who will be in Philadelphia for a visit. Tis the season! Tootles for now!