Thursday, July 26, 2012

I'm off Again....To the Beach

Yes, Im starting my second week of vacation for the summer, so it looks as if I'm off more ways than one! Headin back to Rehoboth Beach with the Lad and two others for yet some more fun in the sun! See ya in about two weeks sugar plums!!!


Bye now!

Same-Sex Kissing at Chick-Fil-A!

In what may be the boldest and most effective method of protest against Chick-Fil-A, whose chicken tastes like shit anyway, whose president openly proclaimed his anti-gay stance last week, gay rights advocates are planning a National Same-Sex Kiss Day on Friday, Aug. 3 at locations nationwide. The event, organizers write sarcastically, is to "thank" the chain for its "support of love, equality, and the real definition of family." All are invited to grab a same-sex partner or pal you wouldn't mind smooching, head to your nearest Chick-Fil-A, and go at it as the company's religious execs squirm. While the Lad and I will be on vacation, we are going to participate in this, and have found a location. The Lad is younger than myself, so looks like I'll still be playing with chicken anyhow!!!! So go grab some sexy, enjoy something we love doing, and send those bigots a lovely message!!!!!! And don't forget to take a lunch there also from the competition!

Grande Dame

Jaylene Tyme is an artist in all aspects. She is a make-up artist and drag personality, who hails from Vancouver, British Colombia. Jaylene spent so many years not fitting in any where and she feels that her expression with the art of drag allows herself to really be herself! She used to hate that she was built so feminine, now doing drag she is glad because it makes her art more convincing. Miss Tyme just finished her reign as Empress XXXV of Vancouver,BC. representing a non-profit society raising funds and awareness in support of Vancouver's LGTB community,where she was proud to announce that she has been elected 1st Vice President of the International Court Council, and she can have the opportunity to continue representing the LGBT community and contribute to some really important issues. Meeting new and expressive like-minded individuals keeps her inspired and loves to champion people's accomplishments, and feels that when we support each other, everyone wins! And well, that is Jaylene Tyme's "two bits" Isn't she just fabulous?

The Kinsey Scale

I found this illustration cute. Can you guess where I am on this? Some say I pass a 6!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

And the Mother has Existed the Building

well, well, well, it has been a lovely visit with the Mother , who arrived Sunday. Can I tell y'all how hard it is to be on best behavior and keep the whole Casa running smoothly and a watchful eye on the houseboys? We have spent time at the Casa, toured both New Hope and Doylestown, and I happy to report came out of the casinos, $270 richer than before. I went in with $100 so I'm happy, such a high roller here..... some lovely dinners, and some the Mother has just rolled down the drive and as expected.....has taken one of my houseboys, one of my favorites! Now the chore has begun to get packed for yet another beach week at my favorite beach haunt.... Rehoboth Beach, departing Thursday, but first I am heading to the pool for a couple hours for some sun and just a little R&R. Now lets all grab a cock-a-tail. Now there we go, are we all lit? Tootles!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Arrival of the Mother!!!'s true, the Mother and her dog Lady will be arriving today for a couple days visit and should be here just in time for Sunday Brunch! This will be her first time for a extended stay. and I will be showing her the sights of New Hope and Doylestown, and we have one night planed in Philadelphia along the river, to hit the casinos and have a cock-a-tail or two. I just hope I behave myself with the male servers there. Meanwhile, I have told the Lad and the  houseboys to be on best behavior. I worry most about Rodrigo Ferrari who is famous for his outburst in the North Wing, with his late night performances there. God I love Brazilians........

Now excuse me whilst I get under the sheets and enjoy these chills.........

Saturday, July 21, 2012

From the Candy Shop

Life’s a beach in these pictures with Roger Monssores. Sporting  classy swim wear, these images seriously have us at the Casa considering a move to a Brazilian beach side town. I'm infatuated with Roger Monssores!!!!!! Looks like an addictive candy to try.

Will There Ever be a Cure for this Disease?

I think Patsy Stone sums it up the best- " It's a disease called the Kardashians, they're spreading, like herpes, each one with their own reality show, there multiplying like head lice darling. Look at the fat one at the end, pretty soon she'll split like an amoeba, and become two Kardashians. And that looks like a boob, when in fact, it's just another Kardashian."

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Seen Around Gay New Hope...........

As I mentioned before the Capital Street Duo, my good friends from Harrisburg, have been to visit the Casa twice now in the last month. The Dame is a avid collector of, well, lets just say everything, I don't have all night, I have a cock-a-tail awaiting. Oh, by the way, that is the Dame above with a mermaid statue, which overlooks the hamlet. When they visited, we spent both times in New Hope, a fun little hamlet. New Hope is just outside Philadelphia by 40 mins. But it is almost in the Casa's backyard. New Hope was originally settled as a artist colony, for the like that weren't welcomed in the usual circles. These days it is inhabited by open minded people, artists, musicians, tons of gays, drag queens, a small tranny community, (which held their monthly party at the Raven last weekend, but that's another story), actors from the Big Apple, and all kinds of odd characters that all have stories. See pool post from Monday. And everybody gets along! And there are just as many pubs, fine dinning places, galleries, vintage stores, vintage funeral shops, chic clothing boutiques and a hand full of sex shops!!! Where you can get anything!!!!! Lets have a look of some of these things I saw that day around this wonderful town., starting with the bargin of the day........

  Various signs outside of some of the shops..... hmmmmmmmmmm.

I find this window box very peaceful..

An oddity on the street......

Mutely, waiting for his owner getting coffee....

The main sign for Tear Drops Memories. I think the sign is clear what they carry. All and everything for funerals, caskets, skulls, bones, anything morbid having to do with death. Pretty cool shop. Bizarre, but cool!

Horse carriage by New Hope Playhouse. Not the Mistress's mode of transport. I've not taken to driving my own buggy yet.

Playhouse water fall

My favorite home in all of New Hope.

A hunk drive by.....and I didn't get shot!

Vintage enamel pins displayed like a window clever...... these would also make for fabulous ear rings!

Broadmoor Antiques. Hands down my favorite antiques place. And the proprietor is quite the handsome hunk. He gave me just a few quick glances of a smile.

LOVE this urn filled with the sea shells. MUST HAVE!

The Swallows of Lambertville sign with detailed info. Get you minds out of the gutter!

The walk from New Jersey back to PA. Here is the Capital Street Duo, before going to receive dinner with the Mistress at the fabulous Marsha Browns. The Dame is on the right. She is a proper queen on how to carry her parcels! Meanwhile her handsome husband , I believe, is relieved he got out of this day cheap, with springing on two vinatge pillows the Dame saw.  Nevermind she didn't get the $5 box of matches!

So y'all, if anyone wants to come visit, as I told blogger pal Becca, the whole South wing of the Casa du Borghese is open and ready.....just drop me a telegram first! I want to make sure there are no under garments lying about first. Tootles!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's a Daisy Chain here at the Casa du Borghese

Oh , now you know the game here at the Casa du Borghese, it is just one huge cycle, a chains of love type......

The bulter.......

.....who buggers the second footman....

......who buggers the driver...

....who buggers personal trainer...

......who buggers the pool boy...

......who buggers the lawn boy.......

......who buggers the nurseryman......

.....who buggers the stable boy......

Shall I go on? Have you ever wonder why there are so very few female staff at the Casa du Borghese. Just that gorgon of my social director, Anitia Moorecock. Otherwise the whole place is Sodom -by-the-sea.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Grande Dame

Sexcilia is among one of the first drag queens I fell in love with along with the Lady Bunny and Kitty Meow. A cross between one of Charlie's Angels and a James Bond girl, with a little Latina oomph, Sexcilia became known as a headliner in drag shows at Warsaw, the Delano and the salsa club Starfish all located in South Beach, where she reign queen for years. Reynaldo Pagan Rivera, the 33-year-old who transformed himself into Sexcilia, died Jan. 14 2004 from complications of acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Sexcilia took drag into completely different directions, where a lot of drags now want to look like real girls, want to sing typical dance songs. But there was nothing typical of Sexcilia. Though Sexcilia's signature disco-era fashions, exaggerated heels, curled eyelashes and black wigs often turned heads, it was his one-of-a-kind performances that were most unforgettable. Sexcilia transformed himself into whomever he was impersonating: Eartha Kitt, Nancy Sinatra or Celia Cruz. However, life away from the strobe lights, VIP entrances and velvet rope wasn't so glamorous for Pagan. Pagan, as he was known when not performing, grew up in Puerto Rico and came to Miami in the early 1990s with a college degree in fashion design, friends say. After he told his family he was gay, Pagan set out to create a new life -- and a new persona -- for himself in Miami Beach. In the early 1990s, when drag queens and club kids emerged as the ruling force of SoBe's blossoming nightlife, Sexcilia was born. Sexcilia took a liking to vintage clothing, big wigs and caked-on makeup. His petite, girlish figure, friends say, made his act quite believable. Dressing in drag often proved profitable for Sexcilia, who made at least $200 each time he appeared at a club, party or special event, Lancaster said. When there wasn't money involved, Pagan wouldn't become Sexcilia. In 1998, Pagan learned he had AIDS. Sexcilia continued appearing at various clubs, including Crobar each Sunday, to make money. In 2004, he developed breathing difficulties, and his health rapidly deteriorated. Even though Sexcilia is now gone, you can still sense her presence of the gay scene in South Beach!