Friday, September 30, 2022



Where does the week go?!?! 

Work has been busy, and last night had dinner and drinks with my good friend Clara Voyant and man friend, in visiting from Atlanta. Good times. It has been at least 10 years since we saw each other last. Tomorrow morning I'm off for four days ...back to Bucks my ever-faithful New Hope to visit with friends and the Lumbersexual... who I'll be seeing tomorrow night. *makes mental note to pack the black underwear* The Capital Street Duo will be joining later Saturday, and a day spent in Philadelphia. Needless to say, I'll will be away till next Tuesday!!!!

Could you be dear and feed the houseboys...they tend to get randy and ravenous.


Wednesday, September 28, 2022



I came across the Futuro House when I was searching for campers awhile back and for some odd reason it made me feel happy. This little gem is actually in a glamping ground in Somerset UK after being found dilapidated in South Africa, and it was brought to the UK by artist Craig Barnes to be restored, and now resides as a renta,l and nestled in the woodland there at a campground and makes for a pretty memorable experience I would think.

The Futuro House that has currently landed was originally designed in the late 1960's by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen, the Futuro was meant to be the next best thing in holiday homes. Easy to transport and assemble, it was so light that it was possible to helicopter into places like ski resorts and mountainous areas. During the 60's & 70's about 100 were made, but sadly the idea didn't quite catch on, and now only half of the saucers survive, and the one in Marston Park Campground is one of the few you can stay in and enjoy its quirky history. They contain electricity, real mattresses and an indoor fireplace make the stay and experience very cozy.

Now you know I love glamping, and I think staying in one of these would be quite fun to try once. Even though I got a new camper now up at the glamping grounds...I'm not opposed. Could you picture a whole village of these flying saucers?? Of course, when glamping I have gotten spoiled with the camper...or at the very least a very swanky tent!!

Monday, September 26, 2022


It is with said new last week I received from a drag friend, the passing and sudden death of the stunning and fabulous queen, Cherry Valentine, who was the creation of George Ward...gone all too soon at 28. I became familiar with Cherry on her online virtual shows during the pandemic, and we got to DM-ing and emailing back and forth a lot during that time, and I was thrilled when she got on to Season 1 of Drag Race UK, where the show there is known for its glamour, camp and hilarity, three things Cherry possessed. But Cherry behind the scenes, was very open with the way she talked about her own experiences. She shared her difficulties growing up LGBT and giving a voice to a subject and people that many may not know about. She worked with many youth LGBT charities and spoke strongly about the importance of mental health, having qualified as a mental health nurse during the pandemic, before venturing into the world of drag. She often said drag was a "lifeline" during the Covid pandemic in which she was involved in the whole vaccine, and later the booster effort. She even popped in here many times to check out my drag posts, you may have caught her. Like so many queens, she too touched lives of so many who like myself, am in complete shock. Her performances on stage and her style were inspiring and leaving us in awe. 

See you in Fabulon Cherry

George "Cherry Valentine" Ward
November 30 1993- September  18, 2022



Monday. My mind is more on interiors among other things. I'm sucker for a great interior or a nearly naked man.

What I wouldn't do for that last boudoir!!!! 
Pure heaven to me. Can we head back to bed???

Sunday, September 25, 2022


Well, it appears we are in Autumn now. With the change in season and the passing of the throne from one sister to the next, the temperatures have drastically changed already. Most of the week found us in the low 80's to 70's and at has been gloriously cool and makes for good heavy sleeping in conjunction with nightly gins. No heat as of yet, but still have wide open windows. We still have Indian Summer to look forward too. But meanwhile the garden is still going insane, things still going full steam. I must still have 10 to 11 blooms of the dahlias, and the roses are filled yet with future blooms. But I know the autumnal temps are coming...the squirrels are out in number forging and hiding the nuts we give them, and the fresh acorns fallen. Did you know they can hide up to over 200 to 300 nuts or acorns and remember precisely where each one is buried for later? A fact, use it as you wish. Today started out as a rainy day and remained overcast, and a very rare day where not a damn thing was on the docket.  I took these pictures today...otherwise nothing, but I did make more chicken corn soup, some handmade corn bread and slow cooked pulled pork shoulder. Otherwise, a nice veg out day.

These will look great in a vase in about another week. 
They dry out nice too.
A curious Catbird by the compost. I suspect they will be departing soon.

One of the ducks came over to the driveway today, from next door, where water often form a reservoir. They often swim in it. The dogs weren't thrilled by the visiting fowl...but it seemed to like the bird's seed. 
  I don't recall the name of this leafy vine thing...but it's going bonkers and almost down to the brick planter wall we have.