Wednesday, February 22, 2023


or just the Mistress Borghese in the skies???

By the time this post dear readers, I'll most like be on a plane for a few weeks' vacation to see Warbucks in Budapest...and a blog break, Heavens knows we were long overdue to start traveling again.

Tootles for now.....

Tuesday, February 21, 2023


 I'm proud to tell you all, my side gardening business opens in a few weeks!!!

Monday, February 20, 2023


 Boy, if ever this were a mood board for a movie or story I was going to write, I wonder what it would be about, or what it would say about where my mind is?!?  

Another weekend gone, and  two days of work before pleasing some of my wanderlust finally, and off to see Warbucks on his turf. When the pandemic hit and then with the restrictions and such, it just wasn't worth the fret and worry, and all the altercations happening on planes to mask or not to mask... this may be the longest I have not traveled in recent years, but glad I waited till now...otherwise I know I would have had major anxiety and not went anyway. Let's get through the next two days please, and put a rush on it!

Sunday, February 19, 2023


 With us having a very mild winter, no snow and next to not much rain, one for the record books, it didn't even feel like winter this year. Now with temps in the 50 and 60 degrees already the last few weeks, and dare say, a few days closing in on the 70-degree mark, the garden is in spring thaw. The faithful winter lawn crocus are up in force already. And they seem to have multiplied.

Saturday, February 18, 2023


 In this feature, I'll share a guest with you all and you tell me in only three words, what come to mind.

In Three Words...

Leontyne Price

Friday, February 17, 2023


This warm weather is getting me into the mood for swimwear. I mean here it is February, and it's in the high 50's and low 60's... yesterday was almost 70 degrees!!! I can't even enjoy my cashmere sweaters, and wool coats with fur lapels at this rate. So. yes swim wear. I admit to being a huge swimwear junkie. I'm completely hopeless when it comes to swimwear. I must have already upwards of 30 suits by now, most square cuts, a few speedo styles and about four, shorty short trunks. Here's the thing about swimwear: by the time you planned your first beach foray, or gotten that first pool party invite, all the best suits are already sold out. And unless we're invited to a nude pool day of luxury to Big Whack's, we need a suit most places we go, even though I've been known to lose mine and then get yelled at. So darlings, we must plan now for some newness. The last couple of years, I have gotten many suits from Aronik. They are very well made and hold up very nicely, and adore the little bumble bee logo. But I also don't want to spend $95 for each suit...but man do they show and tell the package nicely. Late last summer, I discovered Argyle Grant, founded in Hollywood in 2010. Aryle creates impressive summer pieces of swim and can also have you ready to hit the pool or beach and then carry you right into brunch or a beach bar for happy hour. Late last year I got into his swim shorts, but I wore them as regular street shorts. LOVE his patterns. Love his quality fabrics, colors and the eye-catching patterns, many of which embrace the 1960's colors and patterns that reflect the swinging heyday of the desert oasis. This year I want to get more of the swim shorts, and if they get wet, there still a swimsuit after all.

And darlings, I'm here to tell you Argyle sure can put on a hell of a HOT and sexy swim fashion show...... screw the cashmere...bring on the swim hunks!!!!

And how about the model at 6:02? He is filling out those speedos with a pineapple, I think! 

Contrary to popular belief, this IS NOT the morning roll call of the houseboys here at the Casa du Borghese.

Thursday, February 16, 2023


The one thing I miss the most about drag these days is the raw look of drag it had back in the 80's and early 90's. While US drag is becoming dangerously far too polished, in the Europe and other countries drag still continues to lag behind and I find it a bit refreshing. Drag is not meant to be highly polished, or so serious or sport, and there is no rule book, of what to do and don't do...but I do find some countries having fun raw drag of which I one Brittany Von Bottokx, who hails from Brussels. She has the fun drag style, a tad glam, and some club kid look I love so much. Brittany Von Bottokx is a wig-loving queen with an original and independent look. No queen in Belgium likes wigs as much as Brittany, I think. No matter their shape, style, or color, this beloved queen loves and wears them all. Tender and sweet, Brittany has a great sense of humor that reflects her drag. She doesn't fear experimenting, and doesn't fear the look of others and stands for what she believes in. Bubbly and witty, socially engaged in the LGBTQ community, she led many story times where she reads inclusive fairy tales to children in order to raise awareness on gender identity and promote tolerance. I find her refreshing, exuberant, noisy and maybe a bit crazy. She will also be seen of the next drag installment of Drag Race...Drag Race Belgique...which seems to be a variety of queens, yet unseen in the franchise. It may be nice to see a season of queens not as polished and more raw.  

Premiers February 16 on WowPresents Plus with host Rita Baga


I wonder if it was by a hair, or by performance ?

Tuesday, February 14, 2023


  St Valentine's!

Saint Valentine is the patron saint of love. Believers say God worked through his life to perform miracles and teach people how to recognize and experience true love. This famous saint, an Italian doctor who later became a priest, inspired the creation of the holiday of Valentine's Day. He was sent to jail for performing weddings for couple during a time when new marriages were outlawed in the ancient Rome. Before he was killed for refusing to renounce his faith, he sent a loving note to a child he had been helping to teach, the daughter of his jailer, and that note eventually led to the tradition of sending little love notes and cards. While I may have never got into the holiday as much as others, I do like the fun of it with giving little notes and cards to friends and lovers on the day. I was busy last night making homemade chocolate covered cherries for work today for our desserts table. Nothing wrong with a little extra sweetest for the day, no darlings? Now back in school days, I use to love the little baskets or "mailboxes" we'd make and hang prior to our little Valentine party. One could get a little box of valentines with an assortment. I was always popular with the boys, but had I had these Valentines from my favorite comic artist, Caducado, I bet I would have been even more popular!!!  

I suspect I'll hear from by boys later today...having just caught up with them all recently. As for me today, I'll enjoy the sweet shop at work and have a nice dinner with wine tonight. Who knows, maybe I'll even have a champagne bubble bath as well!!! 

Spoke too soon. Just a few minutes ago I got a Valentine text from the Lad...containing this.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard that....

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!
Much romance, love and sweets you all.