Monday, June 29, 2009

The British Might be Coming

Now, the Mistress isn't getting to excited just yet, but I found out that three of my favorite singers may be coming to Philadelphia. While at work today I was talking to our new assistant whose boyfriend and a friend of his run The Lever Room here in Philadelphia. I have never been there yet, but they have excellent jazz and groove music with dinner. Anywho, this fall they take part in the jazz festival every year. And this year they are in talks to hopefully secure not one, not two, but three British powerhouses for the festival. The Mistress's favorites,the sassy bad girl, Amy Winehouse who was here two years ago, the soft and sultry,Duffy and soulful and plucky Adele! Now whether all this will come to fruition will remain to be seen, but I think I would pass out if I got to see all three at once!

Amy Winehouse singing Valerie. I know she's a wreck, but damn it I love her voice!

Duffy singing Mercy.

And Adele singing Chasing Pavements.


  1. I would definitely be on board for Duffy, and maybe Adele, but fear the trainwreck.

  2. Oh honey, I don't think there are enough drugs and alcohol in the entire City of Brotherly Love for Miss WineWarehouse...


  3. i would love to see them all, i hope amy is first up, for obvious reasons.

  4. I usually go to the jazz fest every year. This would be some wonderful entertainment. A couple years ago, when Winehouse was here for the fest, she stayed at the Lowes Hotel where my friend worked and he said she was so out of it, she didn't know what end was up! But that was at the height of her problems.

  5. Batina6/30/2009

    I bet that would be some festival! I do like all three but Adele's voice is just so soothing for the soul!

  6. This sounds great! I'd love to see all of them.

  7. oh how I love me some Duffy!! and Adele...yum!


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