Saturday, June 27, 2009

From the Candy Shop

Sean Cassidy, I know, the name, has always been a Mistress favorite. Sean hails from Philadelphia where he was an exotic dancer ,and has since moved on to modeling, stripping, acting and fitness training.The first time I saw him peel his clothes off, I do believe I had some church that day! What a body!!! You may also remember Sean on the VH1 show Strip Search and also on Hot or Not. Now, I don't know if this jaw-endowed hottie is dumb or not, but you have to admit with that careless hunkiness,that "was I drunk last night" look is hot. And let's pretend he can't do simple math. That just makes him hotter! All he has to do is lie there and I could read to him, perhaps Eric Arvin's, Kid Christmas Meets Snow globes! Of course that may lead to other things!


  1. Mistress Maddie #1 Fan6/27/2009

    Sean is very hot! What a great body. And I'm cracking up over your daydream of him being dumb! One can only wish.

  2. I remember seeing Sean on Strip Search when it was on. And when they first showed him on there. I was like WOW! I would have done anything to see more of him! He is hot as hell with that body!

  3. Is he related to THE Shaun Cassidy? They kinda look alike...

  4. I'd say this Sean Cassidy is more of a hearty boy than a Hardy Boy. :-)


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