Saturday, June 6, 2009

Single Ladies

Just got done reading Kailyn's blog and it looks like were both single ladies tonight.The Boy-Toy just left for the weekend. The Mistress was a wee bit confused and thought Philadelphia's Gay Pride festivities were this weekend but that's next weekend. And we have friends coming in town for that. But this weekend another friend invited us to the pride festivities in Asbury Park, NJ which the Mistress declined and sent the Boy-Toy off with his overnight bag. I don't have anything against pride festivals, but you can only hit so many before your bored and let's face it, it's in Jersey. Tomorrow they are hitting Sandy Hook beach. Now if you aren't aware, parts of the beach are clothing optional. There will be alot of people there who shouldn't be naked and some who should be! So the Mistress declined gratefully and besides, she is still recovering from last week's Dust Bunny Tour and a long week at work. She was working late just about every night getting ready for a visit at the store. So today it was all about sleeping in late and then having a huge breakfast. I just sent the Boy-Toy off and now wondering what I want to get into first. I should just stay home and sit a squat because the next couple weekends will be crazy,but it is beautiful out and I am thinking of taking in a museum in Philly and then maybe a happy hour where we always run into someone, or maybe New Hope to do some shopping and order some take out from Marsha Brown's. My ex co-worker and one of my reader's, Mistress Maddie #1 Fan would like to go into Philly tonight. I guess The Mistress could throw on a little something cute and see some cute mens. I'll see, I'm not sure how much more drinking one can do. So indecisive today!


  1. Girl, you need to dry your drunk ass out today!!!


  2. Am also without spouse and chickens.
    I'm covered in dust as I've been digging into stored stuff, sorting and tossing. I try and find an organization show on the home and garden channels, get all motivated and dig in!

  3. Mistress, you should join us tonight for some fun! We always the loudest crowd out. Just follow the cute guy crowd! I always have them with me! Yea gay pride should be fun just as long as it wasn'as hot as last year. This bitch was baking!!!

  4. Mistress Maddie #1 Fan6/07/2009

    If we come over it will be alot of fun!!!!


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