Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Grande Dame of the Week

The Grande Dame- Lady Bunny!

If the Mistress had to tell everyone to see just one drag queen perform at least once in their life, it would be Lady Bunny. I have never laughed so much at one queen. She is just complete hilarity. Ever since I first saw her in New York with my sister Mamie, I have loved this queen. Being Pride month what a better time to feature Bun Bun! After all Lady Bunny and pride almost go hand in hand! Lady Bunny arrived on the scene years ago now. She used to make road trips from Atlanta with a band that would perform at the Pyramid Club in New York City. The trip took 20hours to get there and they made her do drag to amuse themselves. Since then Lady Bunny has become a huge drag personality the world over. How can you not love her psychedelic frocks, bling, cheap plastic earrings, those caterpillar eye lashes, and her trade mark HUGE hair!!! And lets not forget the trailer park mouth! Lady Bunny is a actress, singer, comedienne, and deejay. She is also the co-founder of the outdoor drag festival Wigstock. And I am hoping that when RuPaul's Drag Race starts it's second season they will feature Lady Bunny as a guest judge or even better, their drag mentor to coach them. How funny would that be? Bun-Bun also as a completely filthy blog filled with all kinds of pop culture tid bits, life stories, and all kinds of dirty talk and twisted videos. If you get into New York be sure to check her out at Amalia on Fridays and for the Tea Dance at Splash from 7-11 on Sundays. Happy Gay Pride to you Miss Bunny!


  1. And don't forget her BRANDIN' IRON!!!


  2. she totally needs to hang with the rest of us Bunnies!!!!

  3. While a never saw her in person, her stufff on Youtube is funny as hell. I don't think she gets to Cal.much.

  4. Mistress Maddie #1 Fan6/10/2009

    Great post Mistress! I have seen Lady Bunny at Splash on Sindays for tea dance. She is so wrong, but what great looks she has! Thanks for featuring her!

  5. LOVE THE BUNNY! How can anyone not love the Lady Bunny! She is just fabulous with her style and songs. She so need to get to Philly again!

  6. Batina6/10/2009

    I agree with you there honey- Lady Bunny is THE GRANDE DAME! Loves her and her filthy mouth.


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