Sunday, June 7, 2009

Nina Flowers Works It

Yesterday I got a email from Batina who reads the Mistress's little ole blog from time to time and sent me this video of Nina Flowers tearing some carpet at a club in Denver. Batina has seen Nina,I feel like I'm slipping into rhyme, performer several times and she said Miss Flowers never disappoints. And Nina tears it up to one of my favorite songs Kiss by San Francisco drag queen Pussy Tourette. You go Miss Flowers, work it but don't break it!


  1. Marissa Devine6/07/2009

    Boy I tell you that girl can DANCE! I still say she should have won.

  2. Nina is a hell of a performer! I hear she is coming to Philly soon. I understand Pure is trying to get her there to perform for a night.

  3. Anonymous6/07/2009

    Nina and Bebe were my two favorites on the show! I've seen Bebe many times here in Minneapolis. I hope to see Nina one day too!


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