Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lacroix- Sweetie Darling- Lacroix

Christian Lacroix is to close it's doors. His two biggest fans ,Patsy and Edina of Absolutely Fabulous neatly summed up the whole problem. There just isn't enough Beluga eating, stunningly beautiful, moneyed women with fashion sense in the world to keep Lacroix's fantasy alive!

The French house Christain Lacroix is going belly up and declared bankruptcy in Paris last Thursday. It looks like Lacroix is history. It seems the problem is that Lacroix designed couture that could hold their own in the VCA, but couldn't get the tills ringing. Even after he designed a ready to wear line. His clothing , which fused Spanish matador with gypsy fringing, splashes of 18th century corsetry, and bright psychedelia were never conductive in women's wardrobes. While his brilliance is unquestionable, his grip on reality is less certain. The Mistress loved herself a little Lacroix and will miss his designs. If your reading Mr. Lacroix, the Mistress would love to have you on board as my personal dress maker. Free dinners included for pay!


  1. I must be a bad fag, because I never understood Lacroix!

  2. Loves the Ab-Fab Ladies.

    With the worldwide monetary crash, burn and skid I wonder how many other houses will close their doors?

  3. Oh NO!!!!!

    Girl - you better head over to the "Going Out of Business Sale" and pick up some frocks.


  4. I was just listening to that Pet Shop Boys song this morning.

  5. LOVE Patsy and Eddie!

    Lacroix's gowns are pretty, but seem like they'd have a limited appeal. But did someone say "Sidewalk Sale"???

  6. I'm with Dan, I must be a bad gay and need to be corrected!!!

  7. I mostly know about the red-soled shoes, not that I ever had any, of course.

    Love Ab-Fab!


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