Monday, June 15, 2009

Rainbow Weekend

Well dear readers, the Mistress survived yet another glorious Pride weekend. The above picture is the boutique of Ralph Lauren in the Belleview Hotel. Cool heh? A good time was had by all who attended this year. Saturday started with a longer "sleep in" than normal as the Mistress needed her beauty rest and got up around 11:30 to start the day. We were to meet our friends at the hotel by 3:00 so we had to get Buster Bolfig Borghese ready to go for his stay at the Pets Hotel since our regular sitter was unavailable. And the little mongrel knew we were leaving for the weekend and put on his best "cute face" to convince us not to leave.

Buster then tried to swipe the Boy-Toy's little bottle of Jack Daniels' so we wouldn't leave. Just like the Mistress's dog to swipe the liqueur!

After dropping off Buster at the Pet Hotel, we met our friends for a lovely dinner and then rested up a little back at the hotel. After some pre-bar cock-a-tails, we hit the town running. And boy, were the boys out in full force! We hit all the usual places like Bump, 12TH Air Command, and Woody's before hitting Pure around 1:00am, where we had some nice eye candy to see, dance a ditty or two, and of course some more cock-a-tailing! It was like a sea of shirtless men pumping and gyrating all over the place. And it was like a sauna in there, but the music was excellent so we didn't care. Then there was the oink fest of pizza when we left the club, at God knows what time. I was told this the next day that we devoured pizza, but I don't recollect that, although I did feel quite full the next morning. We all got up a wee bit late, and till we got around we missed the parade start in the gayborhood, so we caught up with it later going down Market Street which is one of the main thoroughfares. And there was some nice and naughty things to be scene!

The hotties of Pure.

A hottie sitting a spell!

Carlotta Tendant cheering the crowds on.

The Shampoo set complete with leather get-up!

Salotta Tea, Coco de Mere and the girls of Tavern on Comac float.

Poodles- every color of the rainbow!

And the lovely boys of Bump Lounge! I just love me some Bumps, I mean Bump!
That's my favorite waiter/ bartender in the picture with the pink swim trunks. Isn't he adorable? Yummy. Is that a Tanqueray bottle in there or are you just happy to see me?

The Bump Pickup complete with boys. My- what a big basket you have there!

I really enjoyed the signs being held by the waiters. Hot, milk, chocolate!

and Sissy, Asian, Top!

And of course there was the usual protester.

The Mistress offered to go over to give the poor thing a fashion make-over, and even give her some of my cheap plastic pink beads to brighten her new outfit up, but the Boy-Toy said she probably wouldn't want any of my charity or fabulous fashion advice, so I declined this tempting offer. So after the pardade and festival we went to par take of a late brunch at my one of my favorite places, Mixto, where we enjoyed a ton of food and a afternoon of Mojito's. Then it was on to The Naked Chocolate Cafe, to get some take out for home. I plan on doing a post this week about the place. It is incredible if you like chocolate. Everything they serve is chocolate. They have cakes, cupcakes, cookies, candy and all kinds of drinking chocolates and beverges. Needless to say we were both dead on our asses when we got in. The Mistress did a little blog reading and when she came out to the livingroom, this is what she found. Tootles!


  1. You got some great pictures Mistress! It was a beautiful parade and the weather couldn't have been more perfect! You know I too love the boys of Bump. We too did the rounds of the bars. We have to meet up sometime out girl. And what did you think of the hot men in the dunk tanks? You could have bounced a roll of quaters off any part of their bodies!

  2. It looks like the Boy Toy AND Buster dipped into the Jack Daniels in that last pic!

    Great post - I almost felt like I was there!!


  3. awww that is so cute. you wore your toy out ;)

  4. Don't they look so cute when they're sleeping! Awww!

    Favorite line: "The Mistress offered to go over to give the poor thing a fashion make-over"

    I'm glad you had beautiful weather and lots of fun!

  5. Coco de Mere6/16/2009

    It was a lovely parade, and what a crowd! Thanks for the shout out with pictures Mistress! Sounds like you had a great time. And I love me some Naked Chocolate Cafe.

  6. Looks like a great time. So where are the naked and naughty pictures? And some of those Bump boys do look yummy I agree! I wouldn't mind getting into the boys trunks with the pink either. What's he got in there? And did you behave;)

  7. Looks like a great Pride day. I almost died when I saw the dyed poodles; I'm saving that picture to show Carlos--he's a poodle-fanatic!
    And that last one, of your two mens, is sweet.
    Lovely day all the way around, eh?

  8. I don't know if the Boy Toy and Buster could be any cuter! Looks like the rest of the day was fantabulous, babe!

  9. Mistress Maddie #1 Fan6/16/2009

    It look as if you tired out everyone! Great pictures. I agree with David, I feel like I was there. But where are your dirty debachery pictures ;)

  10. Batina6/16/2009

    You have some good taste Mistress. That hunk form Bump in the pink is mighty fine! Prides are always such a good time. And how cute is the Boy-Toy and pooch!

  11. Looks like a divine Pride parade! Glad you enjoyed it so much.

  12. Amy-Lynn6/17/2009

    Great pictures :)

    And the last one was simply adorable <33

  13. Marissa Devine6/17/2009

    What a beautiful day it was! I thiught the parade was wonderful and I love those bump boys.

  14. Sounds like a nice pride day. I've never been to Philly's. This coming weekend in Baltimore's and I'll be there. Buster is so cute. You'll have to bring him to Tom and Chris' shop (Pretentious Pooch) sometime and partake of a diamond (well, Swarski crystals) collar for the Pretentious Buster. Have fun!


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