Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The Mistress is happy to report that she is finally back in the land of the living and feeling back to normal. I'm happy to report the weekend was a complete blast! Filled with drinking, eating, drinking, shopping, drinking, men watching, and more drinking!!! The Mistress left by train for the weekend with her trustee flask with Pinot Grigo. One does like a little nip on the way. I got into New York by 4:24 and was very excited to see my sister and long time friend Mamie and the fun loving, and laid back Howard who I knew I was going to like.

He is a real sweet person with just a touch of cattiness which I love. Plus we share the same taste in mens! Upon getting to Penn Station, Mamie called and said they were at the terminal bar, but didn't share exactly where it was. Like a bloodhound I sniffed out the hooch from the bar and found them. So yes dear ones, after getting in the drinking commenced. After a couple of cock-a-tails, we left for a little R&R, before heading to the Dust Bunny Cocktail Party at the Sofitel where we would meet the rest. We decided to meet the Fabulous Miss Ginger Grant in the bar before heading up to the girls suite, so we met in the Gaby Bar of the Sofitel. What a swank place!

The Mistress was ready to move in! And Miss Ginger held up her reputation! She truly is fabulous and a real neat person who I am proud to call a new friend! And funny as hell! The intoxicated swank thing in the background is Miss Kailyn who I love to get a good drink on with! And is she full of many, many stories.

After a cock-a-tail or two we headed up to the room where we met the rest of the gang. I had been just dying to the point of peeing myself to meet the Empress Beth, for like -ever! And she was just has sweet as molasses in a shoe-fly pie! What a wonderful, warm and interesting person. Although for the night she was known as India! And next to her was Zombie Mom who is also from California who arrived with Kailyn. She too was a very interesting person and very beautiful. And a hip mother is she! I just loved her whole aura about her.

And rounding out the group was Mark from Delaware and his partner Joe! What a pair of sweet guys! I had been wanting to meet them for some time. Those to were so welcoming and had a few wonderful stories to share. I'm so glad I finally got to meet them.

After a wonderful party, the boys went to Urge to see some go-go boys! And what a sight to be seen. The first night there was, how should I say this, not memorable. Ya see, I was just a wee bit drunk by time we left the party. I do know Mamie said poor Miss Ginger was holding a wall up and ready for the hang over to set in and the same with the Mistress. Poor Mamie, she had to round us boys up and literatly put our asses in a cab upon which Howard said Miss Ginger and I passed right out! And the next day was ugly for all us, but we recovered in time to start all over again for the Drunken Dust Bunny West Village Bar Tour! We were joined also by the handsome Marker and his other half, who were very funny, and the Mistress's Boy-Toy also arrived for the tour.

Here is my two hotties, Boy-Toy and Beth!

My sister Mamie, the handsome Marker, and Mark.

Kailyn and the Boy-Toy.

Ginger,Beth-aka India and Howard.

After the bar tour ended and we were all pretty soused, the night wouldn't be complete without two lovely drunk dial calls to everybody favorite, Auntie Flame of Babble On fame, who sounded so cute on the phone with her southern accent, and to Kayce of Chef the City, who is also another sweet southern gal and I believe can cook like no one's business! We just wished they could have been there. There is always the next one. Well the gang split in to . Some went to get there eat on, and the boys yet again, couldn't get enough of the Urge so we went back of course and took Kailyn with us! And what sights again. I loves me a hot go-go boy! One of them even place the Mistress's whole face into his crotch! Unfortunately since my face was unavailable to take a picture and my hands on his rock hard tights,you see I couldn't take one. Little ole me was embarrassed, and as you can see Kailyn was absolutely no help.

And my sister Mamie was also quite popular with the go-go hotties! And thank God the Boy-Toy was there to protect the Mistress from the Colombian stalker she had. He took a liking to me and was not taken no for a answer! He's in the picture with Mamie. Come think of it the first night there Mamie had to inform me there was also a guy pawing me up Friday too. Of course I don't recollect such things!

Needless to say, we were out to the very wee hours. I think we got in somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 or 5 am- I think. All I know is it was a great weekend and I loved meeting all of you so much, Beth, Howard, Mark, Marker, Zombie Mom, Kailyn and Joe. All such nice lovely people. And while on the bar tour we meet a really neat guy at one of the oldest gay bars in the village Julius's. He was telling of some very interesting stories of the bar's past and started to tell us of the Stonewall Riots. He was a very warm person and really made us feel right at home in his establishment. Tomorrow I'll continue with part two of the weekend of shopping and a wonderful pig out session at the Dumpling House in Chinatown and a jaunt through Little Italy! Tootles!


  1. Frank, the guy at Julius, so rocked. But he had me the minute I walked in the door and said to me, "We always like it when pretty girls come into our place." Now you have me thinking that I should have been hanging with y'all for the conversation instead of with the lawyer.

    I am so missing all of y'all. I cannot wait until August. Maybe we can convince some of the others to head west?

  2. I miss all of the fun!

  3. Ahhh jeez - blushing.

    Mistress- it was FAAAAAABulous to meet you and the brainy boy toy. I am thrilled you will be out in my wee city come August so we can reconnect.

    I swear I have seldom laughed so hard listening the stories that you and your beloved Mame tell.


  4. I just LOVE the look on Tranny's face in that one picture...he's looking up at the crotch so lovingly.....


  5. Mistress, it looks like all of you had a good time! What a blast to meet everyone. We should do a Philadelphia meeting. How nice to connect to everyone! And the stories are completly funny as hell! I glad you had a good time.

  6. Looks like a good, drunk time was had by all! And you love some go-go boys I see. A fun bunch you all look. But where is the dirty details and the nude pictures? I guess we can make some out here! LOL.

  7. Marissia Devine6/03/2009

    I love the Urge! I have been several times and they have some pretty hot go-gos. Looks and sounds like it was a good time.

  8. Coco de Mere6/03/2009

    You fell out in a cab? I find that really hard to believe!

  9. Mistress Maddie #1 Fan6/03/2009

    You and me are so going to a go-go bar some time. If you get drunk you can stay here. Like that will happen. Looks like you guys partied pretty hard. Was it hard;) You know the go-go's!

  10. I just wish I could have talked to all of you individually and maybe I can if y'all will call me. My email address is on my profile on my blog. So drop me a line, and I'll give you my phone number. That goes for the rest of you, too!

    Thanks for the compliments! I have the BEST nephews ever!!!

    Love the description of the weekend and the pictures!

  11. Lovely recap of the activities, Mistress! It was so great to meet you and your Boy-Toy!! Looking forward to seeing you again soon.


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