Tuesday, June 9, 2009

On the Nightstand

It appears the Eric Arvin made his way onto the Mistress's nightstand!

About a week and a half ago I received one of two books I ordered by author Eric Arvin. I have only gotten to read two chapters and find the book highly entertaining already. Subsurdity- Vignettes from Jasper Lane is one of the books I ordered. I'll continue reading more tonight. Eric for y'all who don't know who he is, is a very talented author who resides in the same sleepy Indiana river town where he grew up. He has authored several books, all of which I hope to read. Eric also has a very successful blog Daventry Blue, which the Mistress tries to read everyday on her must read list. Eric has all kinds of interesting things to say, from personal stories, writing samples from some of his books, silly film list, artist spotlights and his Hot Shots of the day. You can also read his current interview with the Spotlight Web Digest Weekly. A very good interview. So over the weekend of course I went to Giovanni's Room.

Giovanni's Room derives it's name from James Baldwin's poignant novel from the 1950's
I think for many of us it was like a pilgrimage to go there to get gay reading materials. I never would have gone to a "big box" bookstore. And be judged? Hell no. So while in there with my friends I did name drop Eric's name four or five times while searching for one of his books. Ed, the older gentleman asked if he could be of assistance. I told him I heard of a talented writer by the name of Eric Arvin and was looking for his work. Ed searched the inventory but turned up nothing. Although they did have Eric in the computer inventory and could order any of the books I wanted and could have them in 3-5 days! I told him I am currently reading one of Eric's books and love his writing, and was interested in more of his books. They had a couple come through already and said maybe they should look into it further. What service. I told him he should also check out Eric's blog! Ed is always so friendly when your in their and is always so helpful. Giovanni's Room is now the oldest gay bookstore in the country now since Oscar Wilde closed it's doors. And the place isn't hidden down some ally either. It's out and proud in the Washington Square gayborhood of Philly. Giovanni's offers fiction and non-fiction works, history, social sciences and humanities in addition to "skin" rags,beefcake calendars and all kinds of rainbow gadgets. On a rainy day, I could spend hours, and have just browsing the shelves. And the feel of the place has a unique decor like a college library or college professors home library.

So maybe next time I go back the shelfves will be brimming with Eric Arvin novels! And besides I don't think you will find these books at a Barnes and Noble.




  2. I downloaded a book of Eric's short stories onto my Kindle a couple of weeks ago and have read several of them. Quite entertaining, although one was kind of Edgar Allen Poe-ish and gave me nightmares, so I have only been reading him during the day lately!

  3. im always on the look out for good reads. his blog is great, now I just need to order!

  4. Books, books, and more books!!! There is no such thing as too many books!

  5. How cool is that! I will have to check the bookstores here. I know I have seen some of his books somewhere I'm sure. And his blog I'll have to check again. I googled Eric- what a hot dude!

  6. I go to Gioavanni's Room to get all my boys there birthday gifts and naughty cards. Ed, is always so helpful and has been there for like years. I love the place and from what I hear are doing pretty well considering the climate now a days.

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