Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dust Bunny Fan

I got home tonight and was eating dinner while looking at my favorite blogs, and when I came back in the room, my cat Starrbooty was,I believe reading my good friend David Dust's blog! See-even Starrbooty is a Dust Bunny!

And when Starrbooty got done reading the latest, she looked quite pleased with the content. See David ,you even make the cat's day!


  1. I am easing Natasha into blog reading. Last night she watched the YouTube video of Wanda Sykes discussing the bailout. She enjoyed it a great deal.

  2. Awwwwwww ... I just KNEW that cat was fabulous!!


  3. Dagny- We will have to set up web cams so our "divas" can talk durning the day!! Starrbooty often watches tv also,espeacially Ugly Betty.

  4. Ooo. Natasha is more into action stuff. She likes stuff like "The Transporter." And can you blame her? It has Jason Statham. Yep, she all about shootouts, car chases and stuff exploding.

    When I first got Natasha, she tried to assist me with typing my blog. Perhaps I should just let her have her own.

  5. Dagny-If Natasha had her own.....That would be funny!She would be blogging about all that cooking you would be doing!And about her diva life of leisure!

  6. My dog ususally ends up humping my laptop when he sees some of Davids posts.

    Like father like son!

  7. Dare I say it? DavidDust is the cat's meow...


    Mark :-)


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