Friday, October 24, 2008

Hectic Week Over

Boy am I glad this week is over! It has been a hectic week at work. Every year we get a big corporate visit with the CEO ,the vice-president of the company ,the regional manager and all the head regional merchandise managers. It's quite a large entourage that comes through.This week the Mistress had to make sure her areas of the store look flawless. After styling all her mannequin moments into the latest styles, there were out-post of merchandise to set up, visual enhancements to the cold weather area to complete, a visual program for Marc Jacob handbags to set up and start small touches of our Christmas trim here and there. On top of all that ,the day of the visit was a event called Fashionable Fundraiser.There was much to be set up for that. The event raises money for all different charities. When the customers come in, they buy tickets and then receive a catalog that has coupons in that they can use that day. All 100% of the proceeds go to the charities. Durning the day there are all kinds of drawing for trips,make-overs in the treatment spa rooms,and trunk shows that various fashion designers have. The trunk shows are catered with all kinds of wonderful smelling foods and tasty spirits. The trunk shows that day were Elie Tahari and Marie ST.John.The event was packed and a success! The visit was over by noon and the Mistress is pleased to say we had a very good visit and for the most part everyone was very happy. So I took off around 2pm and came home to have lunch then a nice nap after a job well done.Now I have to enjoy the weekend. There will be a mess to clean up on Monday I have a feeling.


  1. I too work in the visual field and know how much work goes into getting the store ready. Congrats on a job well done.

  2. How exciting your work sounds!

    Mark :-)


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