Friday, October 31, 2008

Fountain of Youth

Boy,what a week this was. I'm am wiped out. This week at work we started to install our Christmas trim,but not the major elements just yet. So between work and just getting things done here at the house,there was a lot going on. So tomorrow the Mistress is going to the day spa to use her gift certificate that she received from the Boy-Toy.She is going to try to find the fountain of youth.

I usually would sleep till about 11 or so tomorrow,but the Mistress has to be up early and at the spa by 10AM. I have been there before and know what to expect. The first thing I'm having done is a Tyasso body wrap which is a mud treatment,followed by a 1 and a half hour deep tissue massage hopefully performed by the hot Brazilian who did me before, I mean, did it before. After that I have a Essential facial scheduled.

Next up is a manicure and a pedicure with a deep foot massage. I will probably be there for around five hours and am I ever looking forward to it. The Mistress will be all rejuvenated and feeling years younger. At least I will look good for Saturday nights festivities!


  1. damn, I would love to come with you...not that you invited me, but I would just invite myself! and that guy getting the facial? FIERCE eyelashes!

    have a good time Mistress and relax.....ahhhhhh

    and I still cannot get your e-mails! WAH!

  2. Beth-next time you ,David and I are all going together. It was very, very,very relaxing!

  3. that would be so much fun....gawd, just o meet my Tranny and hang with him and his friends....ahhhhh, could life get any better than that?


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