Friday, October 10, 2008

Taking off Again

Well, I'm off today later to go visit the Mistress's ancestral home. It only is a hour and a half drive, so I don't need to leave to early. Originally from Harrisburg, or outside Harrisburg, in Camp Hill, is where all my family currently lives. I'll be staying at my mother's house who is all excited that the Mistress is comimg home. I haven't been home since June or July, so I'm due for a visit. My mother reminds me of the character on Queer as Folk ,Debbie, Michael's mother, you know the one that had a smart cracking mouth and always asks for waaayyyyyy to much information. That's her! When I came out to her she hugged me and said she was relieved to have a gay son! I'm surprised she didn't throw a party. I'm looking forward to a visit home though. The Boy-Toy is crazy busy with all kinds of work so the Mistress decided to go visit. If I get some time I'll snap some pictures in and around Harrisburg. For a small city it is really quite beautiful and downtown as lots to offer in the way of eateries and clubs. Saturday evening the Aunt and Uncle will come over. They to are way cool and drink like hounds. They are the trendy,as liberal as you can get,all for legalizing of pot use, bottle of wine every night, ex-hippies,as you can get. My Aunt Barbara reminds me of Martha Stewart. She cooks sooooo well. And makes everything from scratch. And she usually send me home with all kinds of goodies. The first time I took Boy-Toy to their house for dinner,the first thing they asked him was" Can we get you a drink of something,wine,beer,rum,gin,vodka or maybe a spritzer?" Anywho, we will have dinner with them Saturday evening. And then after dinner, my friends Shawn and Russel are having the Mistress to their townhouse for a little cocktail party and then will proceed to Mary's Brownstone, for a cute little drag show with some of the queens from a earlier post, And the Ladies of the Club. After that show has ended we will go to Stallions the cha -cha palace to meet up with another friend of ours and dance our asses off. So it should be a good weekend. And David dear, if you read this I will try to hunt down Mr Rosenblat. If I do run into him and have a lovely time I may have to keep my lips sealed girl!


  1. Bitch, if you find Scott Rosenblatt I want PICTURES!

    Say "hello" to Central PA for me!!


  2. Anonymous10/10/2008

    Have a good weekend. Will look foward to hear about the weekend home.

  3. Your mom sounds like a character.

    "cha cha palace" cracks me up. David used that term last Sat and made me giggle.

    Mark :-)


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