Friday, October 10, 2008

From the Candy Shop.....


Marios Lekkas is one of Greece's top male models. He started modeling at the age of 23,and hasn't looked back since. Marois has been and seen in campaigns and runway shows for the major fashion houses such as Diesel, Louis Vuitton, Versace and GQ magazine. But his best stint to come will be in my apartment. Along with my love of South American men,Greeks are a close second. Marios is just plain hot, right out of a Greek mythology story. He could be my Zeus any day!


  1. I would have loved to be that apple. My apple juices would have definately been dripping from their chins.

  2. Anonymous10/10/2008

    I think Greek guys are by far the most handsome and this one is no exception! Hot!

  3. Dan- you naughty little boy,but how true!!

  4. oh Dan is SO naughty!!!

    He's a cutie, that's for sure....

    Hope you have a FABULOUS time at home!!!

  5. OMG, he's GORGEOUS!!!

    Mark :-)


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