Friday, October 3, 2008

Fall is a Coming

This morning when I woke up, it was the first time it was a little nippy in our abode. This week it really did feel like fall. I'm a summer lover and usually in denial that fall is coming, but I think it is here. Don't get me wrong, the Mistress does love Autumn. All the colors of the trees, the cool air,and I am a HUGE jacket and sweater whore.I love to put on a sweater,or my favorite jacket with a pair of tight low-rise jeans, nice pair of boots and ready for the city! Plus my favorite holiday is coming-Halloween. On my way home tonight,I stopped at the farmers market, and the pumpkins were rolling in, all creatively displayed on the stands.

The other thing I like about fall is I can start to cook some good ole'comfort food. The other day I was looking at Dagny's blog where she mentioned comfort foods and pictured French Onion soup!(which if your reading this Dagny,I'll give you my address to send me some. Never had any luck making the dam soup.)Anyway I loves me some meatloaf, pot roasts, homemade Marconi and cheese ,lasagna,and all the other heavy foods. I may venture out this weekend. The Boy-Toy is tied up with all sorts of school and work projects. This is one weekend where I have no plans. I may go into New Hope or Philly, or I thought about driving to the beach to see whats going on. Or I may just see how I feel and go with the flow. I do know though I 'm getting out to enjoy what I heard is going to be a beautiful weekend.

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  1. LOL. Yes, I read it. If I could figure out a way to package up the soup for shipping, I would gladly send you some. And maybe even make you some of my fabulous mac and cheese.


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