Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Grande Dame of the Week.....


Charlie Brown is hailed, America's Ultimate Southern Bitch! Charlie Brown is most famous for her cabaret show in Atlanta ,which now seems to be moving from club to club since she left Backstreet in Atlanta in 2005. If you haven't seen her ,it is a highly entertaining show. Charlie Brown is probably the best act I have seen. Years ago the Boy-Toy and I went to Atlanta to visit a friend and he took us to Backstreet ,which is now closed. It was a huge nightclub with Charlie Brown's Cabaret on the top floor. I have never laughed so hard in my life at the things she said. Her act is music numbers and also very strong adult humor, in the form of comedy acts and audience participation ,so I don't recommend it for the kiddies. Charlie also shares the show with all the other "divas" that she has in the cabaret with her. Charlie is a true southern belle and is origanilly from the south and is also very big into supporting gay rights. Here's hoping the Cabaret goes on for many more years!


  1. That dress in the 1st pic is FIERCE!

    Mark :-)

  2. Anonymous10/21/2008

    I saw Charlie Brown twice and both times I was in a roar of laughter! She even made this really hot guy take out his "goods" and made a straight older woman feel it,so she could remember what "it"feels like!!!

  3. Anonymous10/24/2008

    I have been to see Chalie Brown at Backstreet when it was there. She and her show was very good ,but I have to say I was really their to see the hot men that went to Backstreet. Talk about your southern charm!


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