Saturday, October 18, 2008


Telemarketers are a real pain in the ass! Lately, it has been really bad, and were even on the do not call list. Between the political phone calls and people wanting to sell their goods or they want money for a charity, I can't stand it. Not that giving money to charities is a bad thing mind you, but we give to the ones that touch us personally . So the Mistress has some sure fire ways to make sure they AREN'T calling back. I saw these and stand behind them!

-Say, "I'm sorry, but I'm really busy right now. Give me your home number and I'll call you back later tonight"

-When the telemarketer asks how are you,tell them the truth. No matter how LONG it takes.

- When someone asks you if your spouse is home,say yes ,but you never allow them to talk to strangers!

-Turn the tv on. Change the channel to one that only get static,and turn up the volume. Say that you can't hear them over the static.

-Say,'First ,you have to tell me what kind of underwear you're wearing."

-Say,"This phone line is for emergency use only.Do you have an emergency?"

-"You want to sell me insurance? Wow,I've been trying to get someone to sell me insurance for years,but nobody will sell me any!"

-To the phone company solicitor say,"That's sounds great! Hang on for a minute." Leave the phone off the hook until they hang up.

-The Mistress 's favorite. Sing show tunes.Anything by Ethel Merman tends to be the most effective.

-Ask if they take food stamps.

-Finally,give them your bosses name and phone number and tell them that your boss has been looking to buy their product.

If they can't stop calling you may as well have fun with them!


  1. I know a man who keeps one of those canned foghorn things by his phone- you know, the kind that people buy at boating stores and take to football games. Whenever he would get a telemarketing call: "BONNNNNNNNNNNNK!" Right into the phone (and their ear!)

  2. Miss Ginger- that'll learn them!

  3. One of the benefits of only having a cell phone (and not a regular land line) is that I never get telemarketing calls.

    Mark :-)


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