Monday, October 20, 2008


Is the word for this pass weekend. Luckily I did all the laundry and cleaning in the middle of the week. The Boy-Toy and I take turns doing the laundry and I do the cleaning on Thursdays so we have the whole weekend to ourselves for what we want to do. The pass weekend was very relaxing. Saturday I pretty much took it easy,but the highlight was a trip to the New Hope Farmers Market.

I generally like to go to the farmers market first to support all the local framers, plus the produce does taste a bit more fresh, and lately their prices have been lower then the grocery store's around here. This weekend I cooked up a storm. I love comfort foods this time of year. So Saturday I enjoyed the market!

I have been in the mood to start making soups. So I got all the ingredients for the soups I was to make. I usually make them and then will freeze them for a later date. So then on Sunday I got to work and made Creme of Potato soup,cauliflower soup and French Onion soup. All got frozen except the cauliflower which I have been craving since at least June. We had a lovely dinner of chicken breast and a bowl of cauliflower soup Sunday evening. It was my first time to make the soup and it turned out quite nicely.

It was just nice to have some time finaly to cook. I was so inspired by my outcome last night that tonight for dinner I made the Boy-Toy's favorite,Stuffed Peppers. By the way he ate them down I'd say they to were a success.

I'm glad I had a relaxing weekend,because the next couple weeks it's on the run again with functions and get togethers.


  1. Boris is busy packing. Natasha can't be bothered. It's official. We're moving in with y'all.

  2. Damn Maddie -

    You have turned into a true gourmet! Everything looks delish.


  3. You're making my mouth water. This is a great time of the year for soup. Think I'll make some too.

    Mark :-)

  4. David-come on down som weekend and I'll cook you a big ole' heathly dinner!


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