Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Brunch

This week for Sunday Brunch is some Beef & Drag.The beef is...Chris Rockway!

Chris Rockway is from Nebraska. And God, is he hot. Chris got involved in modeling and then got discovered by someone at the porn company Randy Blue, where he has sex with men ,but is straight!?! In the spring, Chris was featured in DNA and what a hot spread that was. I'm still cooling off! In the interview he explained that he is straight ,but does enjoy sex with men,and does not like the title of "gay for pay." What he is or isn't, I'd be willing to let him use little ole' me just to make sure he does indeed like "making it" with men!

And drag....Candis Cayne!

Like a Virgina Slim, Candis has come a long way, baby! Candis Cayne started performing at the Boy Bar in New York City in the early 1990's and participating in Wigstock, the annual drag fest in the East Village. After many years of performing in clubs, Candis transitioned to making many movies and finally to the big screen with RuPaul in the movie Starrbooty, and last year was the first transsexual to play a transsexual in the ABC show Dirty, Sexy, Money. Candis also does occasional glamour modeling and it attempting to develop a dance music career. She currently resides in Los Angeles.


  1. good lord.

    THAT used to be a MAN? god, there is just no hope for me whatsoever....I'm DONE! Damn! that is a BEAUTIFUL woman!!

    oh, the guy isn't too bad either! ;) but DAY-UM on the woman!!! so if he can be "straight" but "enjoy sex with men" ...I can be "straight" but "enjoy sex with that woman"...right? ;)

  2. I loves me some Rockway, but that boy is gay. He should have said he os "gayer for pay".

  3. Chris is definitely a hottie, and a former Crush du Jour on my blog. But I don't understand guys who are "straight but enjoy sex with men".

    Mark :-)

  4. Beth-uhhhhhh? I believe she is married to a man in real life now. And honey you to are hot and yes, you could have sex with her if you wanted,but would it make you a lesbian????

    Dan- lmao,gayer for pay-I know thats right!

    Mark- honey,I don't think he is straight at all.If he is straight,I could be on Americian Gladiators and win!


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