Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Mistress Retuns

After my arrival Friday night, I just relaxed and talked with theMother . We had a nice dinner and then after she went to bed I did my Friday night Mistress ritual- of a mud mask and AMC'S Fear Friday. I love thriller movies and especially this time of year with Halloween comimg. Saturday morning the Mother and I had breakfast and then did some yard work she needed done. Then we left to snap some pictures and go to our errands and the market. The Mistress isn't used to all this hard labor,especially so early in the day!

Our first stop was the West Shore Farmers Market ,which has been their like, forever. I had to snap some pictures there, the food is just incredible.And the smells! My mother usually goes every Saturday. And the food taste so fresh.

My favorite stand is the S. Clyde Weaver. They have all kinds of meats, Italians meats, and over 90 varieties of cheeses, all of which is beautifully displayed. I did purchase some apple smoked sausages and some good ole' Lebanon bologna. It is to die for!! You could easily spend a small fortune at this stand.

Next ,we headed across the bridge and into town.On the way,I snapped these two beatuiful pictures from City Island, across the river from downtown. It does have a nice skyline for a small city.

My favorite building has always been the State Capitol Building. The architecture is just amazing. The Boy-Toy sometimes works here when he is in Harrisburg. And the interior is just as amazing. I have had the special tour several times.The first picture is one I got off the web to show the area that the complex takes up.

The last stop was the beautiful Italian Lake,where we relaxed for some time before heading home for dinner.

So Saturday night the Aunt and Uncle came for dinner with her homemade cheese Quiche and greens for a salad from her garden. We had some cock-a-tails and talked about anything and everything. And like always ,she sent me home with a huge care package of wheat,rye,olive,potato,white and multi grain loaves of bread, chocolate cookies, multi grain granola cereal, and numerous soups too many to mention, and one container of pickled eggs! I needed a small u-haul to get it home. Thank -you Aunt Barbara for the goodies! We love you! Now enough of the mushy crap. So after dinner,I went to my friends Shawn and Russ' house for a few cock-a-tails and then to a drag show at Mary's Brownstone which was ok. Most of the queens were newbies. I wish them all well and much luck. Afterwards we went dancing at the only dance club in Harrisburg, Stallions,where we met up with our good friend Troy, and also ran into my ex-roommate David and his other half Steve, and other friends I haven't seen in some time. The Mistress also got felt up by a very friendly papi who wasn't taking no for a answer. Being the respectable married woman, I cupped a few long feel-ups,then sent him on his way with a case of blue balls. I'm sure I'll run into him again. Anywho,a lovely time was had by all and the evening ended up around 3:00am. The Mistress was ready for slumber by that point after such a busy and a long day.
Sunday, the Mother and I watched movies and vegged out all day, but we did make a trip to Arby's for lunch. I had two Arby Q's and some curly fries and that ended that hangover. Then it was time to head home. All and all is it was a wonderful weekend with family and friends even though the Mistress was a wee bit hung over on Sunday. And the weather couldn't have been more beautiful. Now it's back to work !


  1. Bitch -

    You have to mention Lebanon Bologna AND Arby's in the same post?!? You KNOW I can't buy either of those things in Manhattan!!!

    Sounds like a lovely weekend.


    P.S. - Darling, check your post - West SHORE Market... :) The other thing sounds like something you need cream to get rid of. XOXOXO

  2. Thank you Mamie,I should cut back on the Sapphire tonic when posting...burp!

  3. Girl -

    Drunk blogging is NOT recommended!


  4. Now you're making me want to go to Harrisburg. I haven't been there since 1992. And you have Sapphire?

    Boris? Natasha? Pack you bags. It's time for a road trip.

  5. Your welcome to come along next time Dagny! There is also many good places to eat. We'll start at one side and down the other!

  6. Mistress...what alovely weekend you had...blue balls and all! and ya...did you have to mention LEBANON BOLOGNA?? God, I lvoe that stuff and haven't had it in YEARS!!!!!!

    and I want in on that eating trip!

  7. Sounds like a perfectly innocuous, perfectly wonderful weekend with The Mother.

    I can't see or hear Arby's without thinking of DavidDust.

    Mark :-)


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