Monday, December 1, 2008

Back in Bucks

It feels like we have been gone for alot longer than 4 days. The time off was much needed and for as many family and friends as we had to see, we got to visit as many as possible and was still relaxing at the same time. It seems every time the Mistress and Boy-Toy go home for a visit, there is never enough time to see everyone. So we usually rotate every visit who we will see. I was a little disappointed I didn't get to visit with my good friend Mamie this time,but definitely at Christmas for sure girl. Time just got away from us. We arrived back last night from Harrisburg.

Dinner was a huge success and very ,very tasty,as the Mistress had third helpings of just about everything there was. And passed out after the meal also, which I never do. I have a feeling I be doing some extra exercising this week. Plus the Aunt and Uncle sent home with us quite a nice left over care package! Enough for two more dinners.

Then on Friday, the Mistress put on her apron and helped the Mother start her famous Sandtart cookies. My mother as been making these cookies since before I can remember. Everyone loves these cookies!

The above picture is what they look like,but these are not hers. She makes them even thinner than that! Paper thin. We ended up making a double batch which will give you about 800 cookies. She will go on to make two more double batches! By time she is done the pool table in the gaming room will be filled. Then on Saturday there was a trip to the Mistress's favorite candle shop, Keystone Candle Company. The family that owns the business,make all the candles right there and have over 50 scents to choose from. They burn wonderfully and really scent the room,and they are cheap! I came back with at least 4 very large colonnades, 4 medium colonnades,4 small colonnades ,6 pillars candles and 6 boxes of votives that contain 12 in each box. The grand total was only $62.53! I got Balsam pine, Mistletoe & Holly, and Bayberry for the upcoming holidays. I burn candles every night durning the fall and winter months and lots of them. The Boy-Toy is always worried the Mistress 's coif will go up in flame with all that darn Aqua-net! And Saturday was a visit to our friend Gary's house in Gettysburg where we had a lovely girls night and then went to a dance club with him in Maryland. It was a full hoilday weekend and what fun it was!


  1. Anonymous12/01/2008

    Glad to hear you had a good time,I missed your features Mistress!


  2. Sorry I missed you - I fell asleep in Dad's basement again and my phone doesn't get a signal down there.

    We will definitely get together at Christmas!


  3. Mamie-Not to worry,we will hoot and holler at Christmas. I think we all needed a relaxing break this pass week.



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