Tuesday, December 30, 2008

How ya'll Durrin'?

Well? How are ya'll durrin'? Did you enjoy the holidays? The Mistress and the Boy-Toy arrived back home at our abode Sunday night. The Christmas holiday couldn't have been any better and we enjoyed seeing our family and friends. Although I must admit the Mistress is a little wiped out from all the cookin' over the last four or five days. And tonight for dinner I just finished a homemade quiche. Like my good friend over at David Dust,Mamie, I probably ate and drank too much. I don't look big, but boy, do I feel it. The working out will have to start right after the New Year again, to keep this girlish figure! Speaking of Mamie, we had a lovely time seeing her. (Of course, we supplied her with enough cosmos it was no surprise she didn't feel the earth move and tickle her bum from the earthquake!) The Cosmos flowed all day Christmas and a couple other times through out the visit too. Now tomorrow the Mistress will be preparing the New Year's dinner and dinner for tomorrow night before friends arrive and then heading out to watch balls drop. Tradition is that we get in around five or six New Year's Morning, finish the dinner and place it in the oven to slow roast for 4-5 hours while everyone is passed out or napping from hangovers. Every year we say we won't drink that much ever again. (You know how that goes.) Friday will be spent relaxing and then we have a weekend get-away yet again to celebrate a friend's big birthday! No rest for the weary! I will start posting regularly again sometime next week when things settle! Tootles!!!


  1. Can I have your life when I grow up?

  2. Kailyn you are to funny! Are you sure you want to see life in a gin soaked haze? JK! I love love to live in CA,your so lucky!


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