Friday, December 19, 2008

From the Candy Shop

The hot pull candy this week is Kerry Degman!

A early Cristmas gift to all my Mistresslites. Say good day to Kerry Degman,the latest from Major Men Star Factory. The buzz is already at the level 10 and theres more to come this fall. He is just like the neighbor kid when I was little you just wanted to lick all over! Kerry has already modeled for Arena magazine,Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie and Fitch. Kerry was born in just 1988 and was discovered dropping off his sister at a modeling agency,and he ended up getting discovered instead of her.His hobbies include basketball,skate boarding and playing the guitar. I can think of something else he can play! Enjoy!


  1. Anonymous12/19/2008

    Oh. MY.God. Mistress,this may be the hottest guy you featured yet. I have never seen him before. Ok ,I nee to go now!

  2. Anonymous12/19/2008

    Very nice selection. What a body he has!

  3. Cali-Boi- I just KNEW you would loe this one. I was saving him for close to Christmas just for you!

  4. Anonymous12/19/2008

    Is he really hotter than me?

  5. Anonymous12/19/2008

    God,what a ass! He is one of the hottest guys I have seen in some time! Oh my!

  6. Anonymous12/21/2008

    Now this is the kind of boy that just melts in your mouth!


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