Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Grande Dame of the Week...

This weeks Dame's sex is unknown,height is 6'7",but is ALWAYS in platforms,weight-who can say? Color. Don't ask,everything is fake,hair, nails ,eyes....skin? Why it is the fabulous La Palma!

It's no wonder the Mistress likes this dame so much. In the last two pictures she has some of the same looks and hair styles as myself! Palma came from the night of Geneva and has been traveling since. Palma was recently in a club in Philly, where she brought down that house. You see ,she is a drag phenomenon,a drag impersonator,a new vision of drag queen show. Palma is living performing art; I'd say a extravagant mixture of madness,attitude,and high style. Palma is a international queen who's performances are out of the world. If she is ever in your area you must see her.It will be a night to remember.

I couldn't resist this last picture of Palma as a boy. He is so cute and innocent you would never know he was the beautiful creature of the night! You go girl!


  1. god, I so need a drag queen to teach me how to be a woman!!!!

  2. Your already beautiful tootes. I should have you come and teach me a thing or two. We will work on wigs together. Then we will go see David!!

  3. Anonymous12/02/2008

    Palma-her oufits are fabulous! She is awesome in performance. I have never seen anything like her before.

  4. Dang he is adorable!


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