Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Hijinks

Well the weekend went by in a blur! Between the Mistress attending the Friday night Christmas party with two escorts and Saturday nights festivities I'm sure she killed at least a half dozen more brain cells.The party on Friday was a beautiful party and the Mistress was well received. And boy was there some hot eye candy to be seen there. It was like a damn GQ runway show,three bars stocked and 183 people ended up showing up. Of course the Mistress took her signature bottle of wine with her trade mark peacock feathers attached to it ,finished off with a ornate bow. What a good time it was.There is nothing like the first Christmas party of the year to kick things off. We ended up getting in around 2am.Saturday was a lazy day filled with board games, movies, facials ,and just reclining.After relaxing most of the day and then cooking a delish Crab cake dinner,Saturday was all about a night on the town. So we ended up at Pure nightclub. The place was packed and there was plenty of sites to be seen. We danced our asses off,you know,in between all the cock-a-tails! The Mahogany Empress was spotted in her usual entourage of boys and looking fierce.

A dancer at Pure.

Some of the Pure hotties to be had,I mean,seen.

The next two pictures are of Dj Zathan who DJ's at Pure. Pictured, is him with Marissa Devine and in the next a hottie!

So.there you have it. Another weekend down the drain. Next up- The Mistress and the Boy-Toy go Christmas Shopping and there traditional dinner out after the shopping escapades. We actually are just going to look at ALL the hot male shoppers in King-of -Prussia Plaza! I'll tell you about it then.Tootles!


  1. great pix but where are YOU???!!!!

  2. Looks like you guys had a ball!

  3. Beth-oh there coming soon,don't you worry....


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