Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas at Auntie Mame's

Have y'all ever seen the movie Auntie Mame? It is one of my favorite movies as is my good friend Mame or David to some. One of my favorite scenes is the Christmas scene where Mame just lost her job at R.H Macy's,and it is durning the depression. Well she is just crushed. When she arrives home she decides they ,her ,her nephew Patrick, her butler Ito, and her personal assistant, Agnes Gooch need to celebrate Christmas right there on the spot. And the song just puts you right in the mood!


  1. Nora! Ito! The door!!!

    I love that movie! The Rosalyn Russell version- not so much the Lucille Ball version.

  2. Perfect timing Mistress! I think we all need a little pick me up!

  3. It's been years since I've seen that movie but of course I've seen it a few times.

    That makes me think. When you eventually find yourself in San Francisco, we will also have to go to the Castro Theatre. They're always showing the classics -- although right now they're screening Milk. And the San Francisco Gay Men's Choir will be performing on Christmas Eve. Because they have a stage and an organ in the place. Some of my fave screenings there? Mildred Pierce and Marnie. The first elicited shouts of "Bitch" every time the daughter was on screen while the second elicited the question, "It's the young Sean Connery you fool. How could you pass that up?" My absolute fave was the "Very Carrie Christmas." It was a screening of Carrie with Piper Laurie doing a Q&A beforehand.

  4. I'm wearing that same outfit right now!

    Merry Christmas!


  5. Mame-Are you wearing the holly on your hat also!!!

    Dan- your right about the timing,we could all use some merry right now.

  6. Anonymous12/13/2008

    I love this movie this time of year even if it isn't a Christmas movie. And I like both versions of the movie

  7. Miss Ginger- I like both movies about the same.I depends which I'm in the mood for. I do love me some Bea Author as "Vera" in the 1975version. They play the "Vera" up a little more I think,a little more camp.


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