Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Over the River and Through the Woods

First of all,I want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving! And a BIG thank-you for all your well wishes on the passing of our kittie. Tomorrow after work the Mistress and the Boy-Toy are departing home to Harrisburg like you all are most likely doing as well. It will be a lovely weekend since we both have off till Monday. We will be staying at my mother's house while in Harrisburg. Then on Thanksgiving Day we will head to the Aunt and Uncle's lovely house for the wonderful dinner.

My Aunt in like the Martha Stewart of the family and has begun cooking last night. She is a wonderful cook. She is planning on having on the menu: A roasted turkey,stuffing,mashed potatoes,sweet potatoes,balsamic onions,parsnips,and her famous cranberry relish. Her stuffing is to die for. I can already smell the thyme and sage she uses. There nothing like the aromas of Thanksgiving Day Dinner . After cocktails we will all go to the beautifully set table she takes such pride in,with all her antique glassware and china. It always looks so elegant and festive. The dessert will be a choice of hot minced pie, pumpkin pie , or apple pie with her vanilla coffee. After that a bit, her tradition is to then serve a cup of mulled cider to warm you before leaving for the night. We will probably roll to the car. While we are visiting Central PA, we will hopefully see our good friend and sister Mamie,AKA David Dust to catch up. The Mother and the Mistress will also start the Mother's famous Sandtart cookies for the holidays. Before all is said and done ,the Mother ends up with thousands of the little suckers and she gives to all. There will also be a trip to the Keystone Candle Company where the Mistress will stock up on all the wonderful candles they sell. They are the BEST smelling candles I have ever bought. And they really do scent the room nicely. Then on Saturday we will depart Harrisburg to go to Gettysburg to stay over night with our close friend Gary, who lives literally right off the battlefield where the grand ole' Civil War was fought.

It is really quiet a beautiful area. He will most likely show the Mistress and Boy-Toy around to some sights we haven't seen yet and then out to dinner. Then Sunday,back home James! So if you are traveling be safe and again have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!


  1. Girl -

    I am SURE your mother's delish Sandtarts are Weight Watcher's approved!!

    Call me when you get to your Mom's.



  2. Have fun. And I must admit that I am a wee bit jealous of families that have holiday traditions.

  3. Happy thanksgiving Mistress!!!!


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