Monday, December 1, 2008

Spectacular Glamour

Spectacular glamour is what I thought of Nicole Kidman as Miss Coulter in The Golden Compass. I had wanted to see this movie when it was out but never made it. So this weekend while at our friend Gary's house we finally got to see it. It was one of the most elegant and visually stunning movies I've seen in some time,and Nicole's wardrobe was vintage glam,right up the Mistress's alley! I love me a little fur trim. Here are some of the favorite pieces of mine. If you haven't seen this movie,it is a wonderful story and ...just stunning.


  1. Anonymous12/01/2008

    Loved this movie!!! Nicole was banging in this movie with the fashion.

  2. And just think. There are two more movies to go in the series.

    I absolutely love the books. The movie wasn't bad either.


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