Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let it Snow

Well,today we finally got some of that white stuff called snow. Around 2:30pm it started to snow. We are only supposed to get a couple of inches and then it is turning to sleet tonight. While still at the store ,the night time staff people were already talking of leaving early. What!I STILL don't understand how everyone panics and packs everything up so soon,and prepares to go home when we are only talking 2-3 inches. Take it from this queen,that ain't much people. I can remember when the Mistress was a wee one. Now that was snow. She would go out in her little fur chubby and muff on to play in it. Every time it snowed we would get at least 6-10 inches ,of snow that is. Or worst. And the next day it was back to regular living. Now a days I guess it take longer to clean the road with so more traffic in the road ways. Anywho, I captured a few pictures of the white flakes,even though it wasn't alot. It's like the song says,It's beginning to look alot like Christmas !

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  1. Yeah, 2-3 inches is nothing. But 6-10 inches... now we're talking!


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