Thursday, December 11, 2008

Home and Hearth

Well ,all the decorating is done and the house cleaning is finished for the week. We have company coming this weekend. The Mistress will be escorted by not one ,but two Boy-Toy's to the first holiday parties over the weekend. Tomorrow night will be a huge blow-out at our friends,who are a couple,here in Bucks County. They have a huge house and it sits right of the edge of a mountain. They say it will be just a small gathering of about 163 people! I haven't decided yet on whether to wear the blue sequins or the red silk Asian number with a swank up-do.Then on Saturday there is another party followed by a night on the town in Philly. Anywho I wanted to post some pictures of the abode trimmings. I like to call it "A Christmas in Amsterdam" as our tree is trimmed primary in red and white lights with all red balls and speciality ornaments. Our neighbor says all he can see is the red light from outside!!! The first picture is the red light district tree!

The next picture is a view of the coffee table with the candles and the pine and berries in a amber vase. The little candle holder is one of those old fashioned holders where the top spins when you light it. It is one of our favorite decorations.

The is the arrangement on the kitchen table with pine and box berries.

A jar of various favorite glass balls and old ornaments and jars filled with dried cranberries and artichokes.

a small tree on top of the ice box.

A view of the chest of drawers with candleholders and a antique compote that belonged to my grandmother,all in the bedroom.

A close up of the compote that we filled with various varieties of pine and berries and finished off with more family balls and ornaments.

And finally,another small tree on the big chest of drawers in the bedroom. All the little miniature balls are antique that belonged to my dad when he was a young man at Christmas.

So,there you have it. How is everyone else's decorating coming along?


  1. Anonymous12/13/2008

    Just beautiful Martha,I mean,Mistress!

  2. Anonymous12/13/2008

    You should go into design girl,your place is always so nice looking.

  3. Anonymous12/13/2008

    Maddie-you now have me in the mood to decorate for the holidays. Better still why don't a hire you to do it for me?


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