Friday, December 12, 2008

From the Candy Shop

This week sumptuous eye candy is up and coming model Paul Francis!

Paul,was born and raised right here in good old Philadelphia. After moving out on his own he moved to Manhattan to start modeling. After spending quite a while in Europe,where he recently returned with various modeling agencies,he moved to Florida,and Paul will be most likely seen of the runways this spring! I'll be waiting and watching for this hot hunk! He is just Puuurrrrfect!


  1. I would prefer to see him in my bed versus the runways this spring. Just saying.

  2. By the looks of that picture at the end - it seems that Paul is "family" and he likes the Papis!!


  3. Anonymous12/13/2008

    Paul is very handsome! Where can I find him again?

  4. Anonymous12/13/2008

    Mistress-you sure do have good taste in men.This one is hot os hell.

  5. Anonymous12/13/2008

    Paul would be the best Christmas gift ever. And I don't need any return policy,cause it wouldn't be going back!


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