Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Powder, Lipstick, and Rouge, Oh My!

Drag queens take note! Betty Grable and June Haver perform as the fabled Hungarian Dolly Sisters, who show you where beautiful faces really come from, in the 1945 musical extravaganza, The Dolly Sisters. Wouldn't this make the best ensemble drag routine? Love the costumes and how about Patrica Powder's wig!


  1. Girl, I LOVE that video! That would make one hell of a drag number! Movies aren't the same as that anymore.

  2. Anonymous10/22/2009

    This is great! A drag number for sure.

  3. I'm not into old musicials, but this is creative.

  4. Coco de Mere10/22/2009

    Love this!!!!!!! Dust off your couture bitch, we are soooooo doing this sometime!

  5. We will find the queens so we can do this number! Talk about a show stop! Miss Coco is already to go. Your making a reappearance girl! And your Molly Mascara!

  6. Anonymous2/14/2010

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  7. This is soooooo going to be a drag number! I just love these old clips like this and how damn creative!

  8. Anonymous8/11/2010

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