Monday, October 12, 2009

A Football Weekend!

I know y'all are probably getting scared by all this here football I've been watching, but there is good reason. The Boy-toy is in a football pool? I don't know what the hell you call it, but he is in a pool with some of you other bloggers to see if each week he can pick the winning teams. I have to say, he knows his stuff and the last two weeks has done pretty well. So, I have been watching also to see if some of his picks are right. And I'm here to tell ya, there are some pretty damn good looking men on those their fields. I still don't know why there chasing a pig skin ball, or why they are running all over the field scattered about, or tackling each other. But I know I like to watch the guy in back hold the guy's ass in front of him to catch his ball. And my latest two boys I recently got acquainted with were:

Zack Lee

And Tim Tebow

Yummy! And of coarse Christian Ponder is still high on my list too! I just don't know. It's kinda scary I'm watching all this football.


  1. Football players...yummmmmmmmmm...

  2. Anonymous10/12/2009

    There is something about a football player. Always bending over in that way. Gives me such ideas.

  3. Michael- I am beginning to think that your angelic face of yours is a farce! LOL!


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