Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Jersey Devil

I just love Halloween. It's is my favorite holiday right after Christmas. The other day at work we were discussing real ghost stories and "real"monsters that supposedly exist. So, since it's Halloween and all I thought I would start getting in the mood for the scary holiday. Rumor has had it for many years that The Jersey Devil has terrorized the southern part of New Jersey for generations. The supposed creature of the New Jersey Pine Barrens has haunted and even killed very large prey and it has been doing so for 260 years now.

This entity has been seen by over 2,000 eye witness over this period. It has caused factories and schools to close down. The most popular legend says that a Mrs Shroud of Leeds Point made a wish. If she ever had another child she wanted it to be a devil. Low and behold, her child was born, but it was all misshapen and deformed. She sheltered it in the house so the curious couldn't see him. One stormy night, the child flapped it's arms, which turned to wings, and he escaped out the chimney. To this day people still claim to see the Jersey Devil. Upon my research their was indeed a Mrs. Shroud of Leeds Point and she did have two children, a normal one and a deformed one, which went missing. Whether or not the creature really exist, I'm not about to find out. Do you have any weird " legend creatures" in your area?


  1. Anonymous10/14/2009

    Halloween is my favorite holiday after Christmas too. I'm not sure if we have any monsters here in Minneapolis. I know we have a few legitimate haunted houses but I've never gone on the tours. Maybe this year!

  2. Sasquatch.
    Someone got a bit silly and printed one on a map once. South Central WA and there was this tiny black hutched over figure printed on the map.

  3. As a kid in Carlisle, we were taught to fear the "Mad Monk of Toland". On the drive to Laurel/Fuller lake, one must drive through the small town of Toland, which consisted of just a few houses and had no stop signs or stop lights. While you drive through Toland, you must be completely SILENT - or the Mad Monk of Toland will come and get you.

    It's a proven fact...


    P.S. - Bitch, answer my email or call me!!!!

  4. At the local college a professor was said to hung himself at the top of the theater building. Ooooooooh!

  5. Maddie that was a great story. Lots of things here in New England that go bump in the night. Almost every town has ghosts or haunted spaces and each town certainly has haunted houses. The local "ghost hunters" were here speaking at the library last week to stir things up for Halloween.

  6. Anonymous10/15/2009

    Halloween's fun if you dress in drag. (Guilty - twice)

    I used to spend fall weekends with a friend in a house in upstate NY that was nearly 125 years old. The first time I stayed there a friend told me it was haunted and that the ghost of an old lady that used to live there always appeared at the top of the stairs.

    Later, on a hike through the woods, my friend told me there was also talk of a Chupacabra (never heard of one before then) that wandered around those woods. (At that point I'm thinking I need a better class of friends.)

    My friend told me the house was so safe in that remote part of NY that we could leave the doors unlocked overnight. At the time, I lived in NYC, and girl, I don't leave anything unlocked!

    I found out long after the fact, that a state prison was also located not 10 miles away. Between the haunted house, the Chupacabra and the prison, that FOOL said it was okay to leave the house unlocked at night!

    (And yes, we're STILL friends.)

  7. Anonymous10/15/2009

    Oh, and I forgot one more thing. My grandmother used to live in the hills of Virginia. In the summers when we visited her, us kids liked to go out at night and catch fireflies.

    The area where she lived was very rural.(I'm talking cows on hills and people singing gospel songs on their front porch all day.)

    On one particularly dark, foggy evening, we were out in the yard playing and she wanted us to come inside and go to bed. No matter what she said to us, we wouldn't listen to her.

    Then she yelled out the kitchen window to us in the backyard, "Y'all git in here now. Or the Boogie Man 'ell git 'cha."

    Well, that's all I needed to hear. And to this day, whenever I see fog, I think of the Boogie Man.

    Why do adults DO THAT to kids?!

  8. OK, Delaware is not chock full of legends - but when the DuPont family ran it all, there were certainly stories about them, and the high glass-encrusted walls, and what was hiding behind them...

    Looking forward to seeing you, Maddie!

  9. no monters this way. OH WAIT! Mykid was in the woods and SWORE he saw "The Grassman" which is sorta like Big Foot, I guess. But they were probably high or drunk, so you can't really believe anything they say! ;)

    love you Maddie!!!!!


  10. I'm so glad I live in a city! That is a pretty scary story. I do like to go see local haunted houses though. I try not to think about these "real" stories.

  11. The mad monk of Toland, I was always told you had to hold your breath going threw the small village. I'm sure now that is why. I never knew why you had to.


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