Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Grande Dame of the Week

Florida's Femme Fatale....Elaine Lancaster!

Elaine Lancaster relocated from Dallas, Texas to South Beach, Florida in 1997 and has been the fabulous Grande Dame ever since, becoming one of the most well known and recognized local celebrities from South Beach as she hob-knobs with various stars and designers. In addition, Elaine works the hell out of the club circuit there and has worked all over the world in clubs for charities and special events, and really looks out for the community. Elaine has more legs than a bucket of chicken and at times can tower to a 10'foot tall blond with over the top glamour. She has definitely become the queen bitch diva without peer. Check her out at various clubs if you make it to South Beach!

The handsome James Davis, the man behind Elaine Lancaster.

And be sure to check out Elain'es up coming web site, coming soon!


  1. Elaine is a south beach legend! I have met her several times when I use to live in Flordia. She's a real sweetheart.

  2. Coco de Mere10/22/2009

    Elaine is one classy queen! I met her once in a show and she is very talented. And cute as a man!


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