Friday, October 2, 2009

Bananarama-Blast From the Past

I came across this Bananarama song the other day while downloading songs for my Ipod. Remember them from years ago with Venus? Loved that song. Well here in the States they have been long gone, but over in England and other parts of Europe, Bananarama is still going strong minis one member. This song, Look on the Floor , was out in 2006, but I heard it out in San Fransisco when we were out there on vacation. How can you not get in a good mood with this light and bouncy ditty? It always puts me in a good mood.


  1. Love this song! I don't know why they aren't more popular here in club land.

  2. I have heard this song but didn't know that was them. Great song.

  3. I love to dance to this when I hear it. I agree , this song puts me in a good mood right away.

  4. It does put you in a good mood.


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