Sunday, October 25, 2009

Loves Me A Gallanio

I LOVE Jonh Gallanio and his creations! I hope to receive one of his couture pieces for my birthday! These pictures are from his Fall 2009 collection he designed for Christian Doir, and I just love the feel of the yester-year vintage couture feel. I wound't mind the first and second outfits. How wonderful is that hat? Fabulous. Just fabulous!


  1. OOOH! That last one is jaw-dropping! Reminds me of something Julianne Moore wore in FAR FROM HEAVEN, or the dress that Diane Lane wore at the end of UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN. I wish I was a drag queen sometimes. I've got the cleavage, just not the bone structure. Sigh.

  2. Girl you know I love some Gallanio too! And I hadn't scene this collection. Now that's fashion!

  3. They're all gorgeous, but I must agree with Eric on that last one. Stunning!


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