Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Creative Bedding

Now the Mistress is all about good and tasteful interior design and loves herself a huge bed with tons of pillows, and a well coordinated and appointed bed and boudoir. She wouldn't give up her wrought iron canopy bed for anything! Why it's fit for a queen! But some of these duvet covers are quite clever and conversation starters. Not to mention some of these could get you some real fun, I mean , get you in trouble.

Naked Body duvet

This duvet gives the impression that your lying naked on your bed with your hands covering your privates. I rather have the real thing next to me, and besides I already do this for real!

Buon Appetite

This duvet is meant for anyone who loves breakfast in bed, or some BBQ chicken wings or that Beef-N-Cheddar!

Twister duvet

Boy, the fun this would have supplied on some of my sleepovers when I first came out! Talk about a ice breaker and getting things started! Three or more in a bed made real fun!

Cardboard duvet

I don't know how I feel about this one. A little boring.

Ruler duvet

If only I'd had this one years ago to know if my many men would have measured up! What a handy tool. No pun intended!

Crime Scene duvet.

Some beds could be a crime scene if you caught your loved one with someone. And the chalk outline is already done for you! A time saver for the police.

Make Love not War duvet

This red line will let each party know where the middle is in the bed to make sure each is on their side of the bed. The fun part would be crossing the line to make....never mind.

Periodic Table duvet

This, I'm guessing would have to be a good gift for the science nerd on your shopping list. Check.

Never Sleep Alone duvet.

I guess this could be cute, but I'd much rather have the real thing!


  1. Well, we *are* remodeling the bedroom... hmmmm.

  2. the real thing is a whole lot better

  3. How appropro I just purchased a bed tonight- Queen. Which means all new linens. I am kind of in love with bamboo with high thread count.... If I didn't have kids I would do that all white on white on white bedding look - but two cats, a dog, and two toddlers- makes that look just shabby not chic.

  4. Why, if we bought the Twister duvet we'd be the talk of Smallville!

  5. Anonymous10/08/2009

    Oooh, oooh!! I'll take the Twister THAT could make for a good time!

  6. Anonymous10/08/2009

    These are really fun and creative! I wouldn't mind a few of them. Especially being I don't have the real thing beside me!

  7. Maddie, I do remember how you slept straight on your back with your hands folded, like you were in your coffin. I never could understand how you did that? Ha! Ha! -- Love some of these, very interesting, but I agree with Zombie Mom - have to plan my boudior around cat hair. LOL

  8. Mistress Maddie #1 Fan10/08/2009

    Your right, a twister duvet could be fun.

  9. I have never seen any of these before. Funny as hell. When does the game of twister start? I'll be there!

  10. I'd rather have the real thing, too. Those are interesting for sure.

  11. OMG i've been wanting this covers since forever!
    Where did u find them?


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