Sunday, October 4, 2009

This Piggy Went to Market

If there is one thing the Mistress likes to do on the weekend, is go to the market. I always like going there anyway, but in the fall I like it much more. I think it is the crisp chill in the air. It's nice to have some morning java and then hit the road to the market. Although this weekend the drive was nice, here in Bucks county the leaves are just now beginning there transition to the soon to be beautiful symphony of colors. And although I love me the summer melons and berries, I love the fall produce: apples,pears,pomegranates,squash,pumpkins,cauliflower,and parsnips. All are at their best now as they are in season. And isn't fall cooking the best? So I made me a trip to get some provisions to prepare some dinners for the up coming week. The sights and smells were over whelming and I didn't know right where to start. So I started at the top of the list. And the market had all kinds of wonderful things to see.

I always get over excited when I go there and want to buy everything right then and there, but I refrain from doing so because I can't possibly use it all at once. I purchased some wonderful cauliflower for my favorite soup ever- creme of cauliflower soup for later in the week, and a bunch of tomatoes to make sauce for our dinner tonight to add to the lasagna. Then there was the squash I got for another dinner, also later in the week. I like to always get my flowers there from the same lady who has a vendor booth there. She always gives me a good deal and they last for like two weeks! Zinnias were the pick yesterday. I love the vibrant colors of them. Then a trip to the honey and coffee stand to get some items.

Aren't they delish looking? Pumpkin whoopie-pies! Regrettably I didn't get any of these. Maybe next week.I did get some lovely cup cakes they had though. And it is a bit early for me yet, but soon I will go there to get my pumpkins to carve and place on the window sill for Halloween and some to make things with. And they had plenty.

Now I think for the week I have what I need for some good dinners. When the leaves change more I will take some pictures to share with y'all. And soon I'm going to make a trip to the Reading Terminal Market in downtown Philadelphia, which is usually like a religious experience and I will definitely be sharing pictures from that place. Now I got me some lasagna to make. Tootles!


  1. So far I've held myself to Jack-Be-Little pumpkins for the stepback cupboard. Looking forward to the next market report.

  2. I know what you mean about all the tempting food at the market. I just want it all! And the bakery...Oh Lord!

  3. OMG - Pumpkin Whoopie Pies!! I haven't heard the term "Whoopie Pie" in years!!


  4. All this talent AND you cook!

  5. I love me some pumpkins, but I could do without the cold weather!

  6. Anonymous10/05/2009

    Wonderful photos! Everything looks so great! Fall is such a beautiful time of year.


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