Monday, October 12, 2009

But on Another Fall Note....

The Mistress also did my other duties this weekend, besides watching men chasing after balls. I did a little of my fall season touches here and there. I put out my nifty little light up pumpkin. Remember these from when you were little? I hadn't put it out in years, but I guess I was feeling a little nostalgia.

In the kitchen I changed out all my apothecary jars on the island. I change these out every season to something new. For the fall season I changed them to dried artichokes in one, Red seed pods, English walnuts, and pine cones in another and my favorite in the other-candy corn! That won't be in their long!

The other thing I did as well while shopping- I couldn't forget to stop at Williams-Sonoma to get my provisions to make spiced cider.

Nothing tastes better when it starts to get that nip in the air after walking a little mutt outside who is getting very picky because of the cold! And it tasted so damn good. I follow the directions per the tin, and then a add just a little more clove and sometimes I pinch of rum! So after all that was done, I added my fall candles all over the house, so the Boy-Toy can start to panic when they are lit in the rooms the house! Before going to bed he will check them like 20 times to make sure they are out! Now I can begin to make some real fall dinners. Tootles!


  1. We did beef stew last week. I'm a much better cook in the cold months.

  2. tMaddie, I was confused?? Did you meant nothing taste better than a little mutt outside? LOL

    I love apple cider but not the hot variety. Mine has to be ice cold. Oh and your jars are really nice. Looks real "fallish".

  3. I had a friend who burned her house down because she forgot to blow out a candle! Be careful!

  4. oh how I want to live with you Maddie!!!! I know your house smells wonderful all the time!!!

    Love you!

  5. Maddie, the island look absolutely lovely.

  6. Yea, I'm with you on the fall season and the good cooking! I would love to try the spice cider you make! That sounds wonderful! I will have to go get me some.


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