Friday, February 13, 2009

From the Candy Shop


Edilson is from Paraiba, Brazil and grew up in the state capital of Joao Pessoa. At 16 he had his first taste of modeling during Paraibla Fashion Week, where he did runway. He also dedicated time to juda competitions, but a agent from a model agency found him earning a living delivering mineral water to clients homes. Now, I know the Mistress wouldn't mind getting him delivered, I mean, getting my water delivered by him! Needless to say his career took off. Edilson currently works in the US and has become quite the sensation on You Tube where you can find homages to the very hot Brazilian God! Many pictures follow as I loves me a hot Brazilian.


  1. yum, yum, YUM! for some reason, he reminds me a little of baby jesus (madonna's... oh jeez, that's not really specific enough either. sigh), LOL.

  2. another pretty one Mistress.....!!!

    Give mY Tranny a big hug and a kiss from me this weekend, will ya?

  3. Anonymous2/13/2009

    I sooooo need to get my ass down to Brazil!!! Edilson is hot as hell! Flawless! I need to go now....

  4. Beth will do! The omly thing missing that would make it better is if you were to be there! You know it's not really that far........

  5. Anonymous2/13/2009

    HOT! HOT! HOT! This on broke the mold I'd say!

  6. Anonymous2/14/2009

    What that boy does to me .....I can not put into words! He is stunning!

  7. Anonymous2/16/2009

    Edilison has a hell of a ass in that one picture! What I could do to that!

  8. I agree with all of you on Edilison! He is way hot. I would give that boy anything he wanted.


    Beth- will do tootes. We will miss you though-

    Cali-Boi- If you go your so taking the Mistress right?


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