Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Tasty Morsel

Today the Mistress came across this hottie from Broadway who just finished his run in A Chorus Line. I just had to share this tasty morsel with y'all! Isn't he just the most adorable thing you ever did see?

Nick Adams received a ton of publicity last year when this Broadway star not only made the list of The Hottest 37 Stars of Broadway, but also he asked to wear a hoodie rather than a tank top as Larry in A Chorus Line so that his spectacular body wouldn't upstage Mario Lopez, who had just joined the cast as Zack. All that attention led to photo shoots for several magazines and a job as the latest model for 2(x)ist underwear. And by the way, this handsome hunk is also openly gay! Look for him next in Guys and Dolls, starting in March 2009 in the Mistress's boudoir,er,I mean, on Broadway!


  1. oh...he has Mario BEAT!!!!

  2. Anonymous2/08/2009

    God he is adorble! I could think of a thing or two to do to him!

  3. Anonymous2/08/2009

    AHHHHH, now this one is really my speed of man! And he can dance which means......

  4. Beth- I'm torn! I may have to take a two for one special!

  5. Not Only is he hotter than Mario, but he has a much better personality. Totally lickable!


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