Monday, February 16, 2009

We're All Whores

The Mistress went back to work today and for the most part the day was pretty smooth and un-eventful. Most days though the Mistress has lunch with the usual crowd of co-workers from the visual styling staff and merchandising. It's like a round table discussion. At least three times a week it is guaranteed that there will be some kind of a wild conversation that takes place, most of the time it is surrounded around men, sex, our weekends festivities, or just plain gossip. And we all end up in tears with laughter! And sometimes it sounds like a hen house, I swear. It reminds me of the View, with all the cackling. Anywho, today we were talking and getting caught up from our weekend talk, when one of the co-workers said she got a call from one of our ex-coworkers who we all enjoyed working with. He is doing well, but with the economy the way it is he has been reduced to a part time status. Everyone was shocked because he is so talented in his field. Then she dropped the bomb that he is now escorting to supplement his income. We all arrived to the fact that he will probably do well since he is very good looking. Then one of the co-workers said no matter how bad it got she could never sell herself. So we all went around the table and discussed the subject of escorting and if any of us could do it. If it got really bad most of us though we could if we had to. Who doesn't enjoy sex right? The Mistress was pretty quiet about the subject.But when they asked me I said I have had friends who have done it and it makes no difference to me. As long as you enjoy your work, who cares, I said. Were all whores girls, were just haggling about the price!


  1. HA! I like to THINK I couldn't do it...but ya know what? you aint got no money nad your kids are can do a lot of things you never thought you could!

    My daughter had a friend, and when she was little, the friend she wanted to be a prostitute, but wouldn't do any gross old men.

    hhmm...I wonder where she is now?


  2. Anonymous2/16/2009

    If the price was right I'd so be up to making some extra bucks!

  3. IN A HEART BEAT! Girl I have no shame, all though I have spent so many years giving it away, I am not sure if any of my friends would pay for it at this point!

  4. Dan-I was thinking the same thing. I have been giving it away for years and years and years for free! Hell, if I charged them all I could now retire!


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