Friday, February 27, 2009

From the Candy Shop

Argentinian model and brick house Ricardo Fort!

Ricardo Fort is from San Miquel de Tucuman, Argentina. Ricardo is a former player of Argentinian Rugby. Since his Rugby days ended, Ricardo as since become a very successful model, singer and a businessman. Once in a while the Mistress loves herself as big hot muscle daddy. And I would love to see whats under that leaf!


  1. Anonymous2/27/2009

    WOW! Ricardo is smoking hot!!! God what a man! If he took me to bed he would probably split me in two. And I'd be willing to go to bed with him and find out too.Gotta go...

  2. I have always wanted to feature him on my blog - but his "modeling" pictures are few and far between. Those black and white ones you posted are pretty much it.

    You know how I loves me a Muscle Papi!...


  3. Anonymous2/27/2009

    Boy is he ever hot and mencing at the same time! Nice choice!

  4. Mamie- he is pretty nice isn't he? And I couldn't find any more than what I posted!


  5. Anonymous2/27/2009

    That is a God! Drop dead handsome!

  6. Anonymous2/27/2009

    Hot! And I would love to be in the middle of him and that other hot boy in the last picture. The things we could do.

  7. Honey- he's a hottie- but in that last pic he's got on more mackeup than Miss Ginger and the Mistress put together!

  8. Miss G- I think together we don't have that much on, even on a bad day!

  9. Anonymous2/28/2009

    Oh my God. He is very nice Mistress! And those pecs!

  10. His Rugby days ended and he came out of the closet?

    Looks very cozy with that young blond.

  11. Anonymous12/11/2009

    Es la auténtica CHOCOLOCA de Argentina!

  12. Anonymous7/31/2010

    Major LOL for this post... I just can´t believe what I read.

    Cheers from Argentina and from those who suffer Chocoloca Fort´s existence!


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