Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Nice Weekend

The Mistress is back home and feeling recovered from the awful hang over from last night. So I 'll keep this short and sweet. As you know the Mistress went to New York City with the Boy-Toy to visit her good friend and sister Mamie,aka David Dust, and the fabulous Kailyn,whose blog is Kailyn's Creations. A lovely weekend was had by all. Mamie was a wonderful hostess and guide. On Saturday after our arrival Mamie and us went to pick up Kailyn and head to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Mistress has always loved this museum,as she is a art lover. We all spent the better half of the day looking at famous works of art. We went thought the Asian and European collections, the Medieval wing, the Modern Art sections and the Egyptian wing. The Mistress really loved the Medieval armour! And the hot guy in the red next to the exhibit.

After the museum we went back to Mamie's penthouse and decided to order in forgetting it was Valentine's Day, and that we probably wouldn't get in anywhere. It turns out it was a great idea as we all got to get to know each other better and talk and drink,eat and drink,laugh and drink, eat some sandtarts, and then drink some more! Kailyn really did keep up with us seasoned drinkers!!! And then the drunken pictures started!

Miss Kailyn, hostess with the mostess,Mamie and the intoxicated Mistress

The two biggest drunks last night- Kailyn and the Mistress

The elegant Kailyn with the Boy-Toy and Mistress

After a bit we headed out to Barrage, a gay lounge where we drank some more and ogled the hot boys. Unfortunately the Mistress doesn't remember to much from the rest of the night. Not that the drinks had anything to do with that! All I know is she woke up fully clothed on Mamie's sofa sometime around 11:30am. My Boy-Toy had already went to visit another friend so the rest of us went to Mamie's restaurant for a lovely brunch in the village. Where we had even more drinks-Mimosa's. Kailyn and myself had to be eventually cut off as the poor waiter loss at least 3 pounds from making so many trips to the table. After brunch we bid a sad good bye to Kailyn and then Mamie took the Mistress to the train station for her return trip home. Now I'm going to enjoy the Quesadia that Mamie sent me home with. It was great meeting you Kailyn ,thanks for a wonderful memory of New York and thank -you Mamie for putting us up, and for the lovely brunch. Oh, and also for the New York only coin! I'll always treasure it!


  1. Sounds like a truly magical weekend.
    Great pictures too.

  2. Girl -

    It was a lovely weekend.

    P.S. - My roommate is already drinking your leftover gin...


  3. Mamie- you can tell him he is welcome to it! I ain't touching that shit again. At least till this weekend!


  4. Anonymous2/16/2009

    When you were their Maddie ,did you pass out in your death pose? Looks like it was a wonderful weekend.

  5. I think I need to get me one of those Boy Toy thingies. Do you think they will have them at Tarjay or will I have to go to Boys R Us?

  6. I may need a new liver. But it was a fantastic weekend!

  7. Kaiylyn- I hear ya,I hear ya.

    Miss G- Toys r Us may have them but I got this one through a mail order company. And if they give you problems they give you a full refund! But I'll keep this one a while longer.

  8. what fun!!!! DAMN! ;)

    maybe next time, I can barge in and have some of that fun with ya'll....and boy toy is CUUUUUUTE!!!!!

  9. Beth, you are so going to have to make the next one. David is talking a Dust Bunny Convention. You are so sweet tootes!

    Take care-

  10. Two observations-
    I can see the boy in reds bulge even in that picture, and two, I would love to be in the middle of you and boy-toy any old time!

  11. Anonymous2/17/2009

    What a good time it looked! And if I may be so bold as a bi-guy, you guys are hot! And so is that Kailyne!

  12. Dan- my, what a naughty boy you are. Why I never. I'll keep that in mind though! I can see if we all went out you would be a wonderful influence on me! LOL!

  13. Anonymous2/18/2009

    I'm so coming to see you guys! You didn't tell me how cute you guys were! Looks like it was a good time. I may have to compete Dan for the middle! LOL!


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