Saturday, February 21, 2009

International Girls need Love Too

This afternoon I received a email and a comment from one of the Mistress's readers, Supergirl 2009 who is from Europe. The international girls and divas are in a uproar over there with RuPaul's Drag Race.

It seems that Logo has promoted the show over there everywhere ,but for some reason aren't hiring the show. So,needless to say there are some feathers and heels in a up roar. Why would you hype a show there and then not air it? Here is the comment from Supergirl 2009 I received.

You are so lucky to be able to see this show. Your international sisters are having to fight LOGO to try to gain access. They promote the show in Europe and then block us due to "copyright",I.O.W and "money". If you'd like to support your international sisters please stop by at

I wrote back to her and really couldn't offer any advise on what the problem really was on why they would be blocking it. I did explain to Supergirl 2009 that they can go to Logo's website to view free episodes. Supergirl 2009 -tell all your readers ,sisters,and divas,that they can also check out recaps at my sister's blog at David Dust. She always welcomes new readers and besides, she has excellent recaps to read of this show and others and there is also some VERY HOT MEN to be seen. Not to mention her very funny out look on world events and breaking news items! Thanks for checking in Supergirl and keep me posted on your progress! David Dust can be accessed in my blog list.


  1. Girl -

    I need to teach you how to insert a link into a post. It's really easy.

    I'm going to freethedragrace now.


  2. sometimes europeans can't even access the websites w/ shows here. that happened to a friend of mine in belgium, but it was a major cable network site (TNT) and since logo is in the digital cable package, their site might be set up different.

    it does seem bassackwards that they would promote it and then not show it, but it might be the fault of local stations not wanting to pick it up, too. i hope they find a way to see it (check youtube, too), b/c it's fierce!

  3. Mmaie- you know I'm still not up on this technology!

  4. Anonymous2/21/2009

    Thank you for the tips Mistress! I will tell my friends about the web site and David Dust blog. A bunch of us tune into your blog to see the Grande Dame of the week. I was able to get into logo's site,but some can not. Thanks again!


  5. Anonymous2/21/2009

    Thank you for spreading the word of our plight and we will definitely check out David's descriptions. I've scanned in what we see on-screen outside of America:

    I didn't know you all were Philadelphia girls. I once spent a year there years ago and fondly recall sashaying weekly across Rittenhouse Square and down, is it Chestnut Street, to the bars in the area of 13th.


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  7. Anonymous2/22/2009

    I think you girls over there should give them hell! Work it- but don't break it!

  8. Supergirl 2009- No problem girl! I just hope everything works out over there. And how right you are. The "gayberhood" is in the 13th street block range. We will have a cock-a-tail or 6 if you are ever over again! And don't you just love the Rittenhouse area? Full of hot men!

    Mistress Maddie

  9. Anonymous2/22/2009

    I don't know what's going on at Logo that they are not airing the show here either. RuPaul is just as huge if not even bigger. When she was quiet in the US she continued to remain popular here. We thank you girls over there for suppling pictures and updates!


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